“The RoseBouquet”

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“The RoseBouquet”
Meeting Myrtle in Retrospect

Today I’d like to tell you about meeting Myrtle in retrospect. I think we would have been great friends if we’d met at least a decade earlier. I have known of Myrtle (Harder) Bute as long as I’ve been involved with Western Tract Mission, now Impact Canada Ministries. I joined in 1999, and heard of […]

Elm Tree # 2 – Yes, No, Maybe

Basically, I’m plodding away at my work day by day. You may not care for those details. But I did mention last week that Archie was going to cut the other elm tree in the back behind my house. He came on Friday morning – but when he saw it, he changed his mind. Too […]

You Love Peanut Butter Too?

I try to reserve the word “love” for people, not things, but I am very fond of peanut butter. I grind my own raw peanuts in the Champion Juicer I inherited from Uncle Johnny. So mine is unadulterated peanut butter. YUM! (I feel sorry for you with the peanut allergy. Poor, poor you!) Anyway, I […]

The End of Elm Tree # 1

We’ll make this a photo story showing the end of Elm tree # 1 in my front yard. This has dragged on over 4 weeks, but the end is in sight. Back in September Frank, my cousin Gary’s friend, showed up and began to cut off the smaller branches with a handsaw. Frank piled them […]

Filling my Facebook Pages

Not everyone is on Facebook. I resisted for a long time thinking I didn’t have time for such foolishness. However, I kept reading that it was a smart business move to be on Facebook. Now I make a point of going to browse there while eating my lunch. Except that plan goes phooey on the […]

Eavesdrop in on Some Webinars

How would you like to eavesdrop in on some webinars I’ve mentioned? You could listen in for the duration, (often 90 min. to 2 hours long) and decide if this kind of stuff is for you. Every Monday evening, there is a webinar to show newcomers around the MLSP site, and how to use the […]

Thanksgiving on Sunday

I celebrated Thanksgiving on Sunday, as I’ve done the last number of years. I trust all you Canadians had a good Thanksgiving with your family and friends too, no matter whether you celebrated it on Sunday or yesterday, the official day on our calendars. Why do I prefer Sundays? Because that’s the day I’ve set […]

Snow & Blogs

While the Caribbean and eastern coasts of lower USA had their troubles with Hurricane Matthew, here in Saskatchewan we had three days of snow. In fact, on October 5, the news reports said that the snowfall that day had broken a 100 year old record from Oct. 5, 1916. However, since there were no official […]

October 11, 2016, What's New! Snow & Blogs
Best Snow Shoveling Time

You may need this handy tip for the best show shoveling time this winter; especially if you live in Canada where rumour has it that we are in for a lo-n-g and C_O_L_D winter. When the snowfall has started during the night, it is a good idea to go out in the morning around breakfast, […]

My Tale of Two Trees

My tale of two trees has some twists and turns now. Frank showed up on Thursday again, with a small chain saw that had seen better days. He found me in the garden and asked for oil to run it. I didn’t think I had such oil, but he said car oil would do. I […]

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