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Learning About Green Tea

I’ve been learning about green tea this last week or so. I’m getting more excited about it at every turn. You may recall that I like to make my own herbal teas with mint and other herbs in my garden. Sometimes I buy those little bags of herbs at the health food store so I […]

Little Bits and Pieces of News

1. I picked up my glasses with the new lenses yesterday, and it feels so good to have them as part of my face again. 2. Tomorrow, November 29, was my Mom’s birthday. She was suppose to have been a Christmas baby, but this was during the big flu epidemic of 1918 and her mother […]

The Photo Album Project

It is time to explain the photo album project I’m working on. Particularly as it is uppermost in my mind this morning. I put in a long evening at it last night and felt great to see that I had scanned, arranged and labeled all the photos from one of the Elliott albums. I’ve just […]

New Permanent Glasses

Yesterday I went to see my Optometrist, and got a prescription for my new permanent glasses. I left my frame from last year in July, so they just need to put the new lenses into them. They will be progressive so I will be able to see close, mid-range and the upper part will allow […]

November 21, 2017, What's New! New Permanent Glasses
A Precious 91 Year old Lady

Let’s go to Saturday and my visit with a precious 91 year old lady. (I told you about my home routine last week and nothing has changed there, except that I had such a good time on Saturday I didn’t get home to do my housework. :)) My originating family never put up much of […]

Another Remembrance Service

On Sunday night I attended another Remembrance Service in my home church, but that was quite different. Rather than focusing just on soldier who have given their lives for our country, members of our city police force, firefighters and First Responders (ambulance staff), were invited to this special inter-denominational service, and encouraged to come in […]

My Snow-Shoveling Tips

Just in case you live where there is snow, and in case you are struggling with this chore, let me share a few of my self-discovered tips for doing it well and enjoying it more. 1. Stop griping about winter; you can’t make it go away, complaining will only make your suffering feel worse. 2. […]

Back to a Schedule

Yesterday was my first day back to a schedule like I’ve used for years (with adjustments) to make progress on many jobs and goals at a steady pace. I felt so good at the end of the day! Do you ever ask yourself, “How will I get all this done?” May I tell you how […]

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