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5 Frugal Grocery Shopping Tips

I helped out a friends with some frugal grocery shopping tips on Sunday. People who are on social benefits get their January income just before Christmas. Which is nice if they are desperate for some Christmas food or treats, but if they spend it all, they are stuck without basics like groceries in January.

Until we got deeper into this topic I didn’t realize that I know some tips for so long, I take for granted that others know too. Just in case you need them this month and have to make the grocery money st-r-e-t-c-h to the end of the month.

1. Don’t choose ready-to-heat-n’ eat packaged foods (too expensive and have chemicals that are unhealthy).

2. Choose dried foods in the bulk foods section, such as pastas, and dried soup mixes.
(They store well indefinitely, and you only need small amounts for a single serving).

3. pick out fresh fruits (like apples), and fresh vegetables. The vegetables have ZERO calories, and can be quite filling. The darker green they are, the healthier they are for you. You can make many meals out of a head of cabbage, and it will keep cancer away.

4. Do not load down on meats. Use them sparingly, and you will be healthier.

5. A jar of mayo/salad dressing, and a bottle of catchup can be used for both salads and sandwiches, and you will only need a spoonful for each, so they will last a long time.

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