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Your Thanksgiving Plans?

If you are a Canadian, you know that this next weekend is our national Thanksgiving holiday. What are your Thanksgiving plans?

The actual holiday falls on the Monday. You know how folks like to turn any holiday into a long weekend, right? Of course that is handy if you have to travel a distance to get together with your original or in-law family. I remember when I was caring for my parents how at least some of the siblings would make the effort – even from another province – to come home to Hague to celebrate Thanksgiving weekend with us as extended family.

Hey, ours was a ‘small’ family gathering compared to others we knew in the community where the original family had consisted of 7 to 10 or even 12 children. (I am the oldest of 5 siblings). If they ALL came home for Thanksgiving, those big families would plan ahead and rent a community hall or a church dining hall, for their family gathering. They might have 20-30 people present, if you counted all the grandkids.

From 2007-2018 I would cook a turkey, pack up a full meal and take it over my brother Tom’s apartment to share with him, because he could not get into my little house with 4 steps up, one to the right and another one to the left to get inside. The one time he did try to come into my little house, he got out of his wheelchair, and got inside on his bum, using his arms and fists to lift himself up each step. Then I brought his wheelchair in behind him so he would be able to sit in it. But my rooms are so small, and the furniture so close together that he could only move a few feet into the first room. That was as far as he could come.

Well, last October was the first Thanksgiving without Tom and I have no other close relatives here. So I had picked up a friend after church, on the Sunday, and we had a relaxing afternoon and then a Thanksgiving supper together. No packing up the meal, and no hurry or fuss.

That is the same plan I have for this year, except that I have invited 2 friends this time. Maybe a third yet. I prefer to do the celebration on Sunday, and then on Monday get back to my business routine. Even if I did nothing else, I would still have to give several hours to checking and answering emails. I often take the weekend off from business duties, and then Monday have to work hard to deal with the backlogs of emails.

The garden is about ready for winter. The swiss chard is still sprouting fresh green leaves, and I need to rake the golden/yellow leaves from the elm trees… and maybe transplant the sorrel and chives yet.

I’m still hoping that Gary will come take down the dead branches of the elm, especially the one hanging over the roof. If that falls, I fear I may have to cover the costs for a brand new roof! I’d like him to clear out the eavestroughs too, or else I may have snow and ice build-up like happened in 2013 when the pantry ceiling got wet and fell down!! Yes, really!

One more thing. I’ve discovered there is something called fencer wire that could be put all around the foundation of the house and keep out the mice that find their way in each winter. I can order this from Home Depot, but I need to have someone ready to install it.

Last Night’s Excitement:

This became even more urgent in my mind last night, when just a bit before I was going to shut down the computer and go to bed, I heard noises. My ears perked up! “There is another creature in this room!”

After a few minutes of listening I decided that it might be a mouse where I still had a sticky trap between my desk and the wall, right close to the front door. I went cautiously around the desk to check. Couldn’t see clearly, so got a flashlight.

Gasp! Two little mice were struggling on the sticky trap! I know the front door has some thin gaps under the rubber sweep attached at the bottom. Could they have come through there?

I sat down nervous and alert with racing thoughts. I’d had about 30 mice last winter (You might recall me referring to my Mouse Wars?) Then Gary had set 3 old-fashioned spring traps and within 30 minutes got 2 large mice. The grandparents of them all! He disposed of them, and I have not seen or heard any mice at all – all summer long. But I have been worried that they would find their way in again this winter. I know that my foundation has some cracks in it. Which is why I was researching what kind of wrap could be put all around the foundation to keep them out.

So I’ve started praying harder than ever that Gary will soon have time to take care of these handyman jobs. Or that God will send me someone else willing to do them.

Anyway, back to finish last night’s story. I was trying to finish off my work so I could shut down, and at the same time wondered what I could spray into that narrow space to immobilize them. If I had to listen to their struggles all night I would not be able to sleep!

I’ve stopped insects in their tracks by spraying them with a very strong household cleaner. But I didn’t think that would be strong enough for the mice. Ah-ha! Then I remembered that I’d bought a spray can of Flex Seal to close the gaps/cracks in the basement walls. (But I had not tried it yet). I grabbed that can, shook it urgently, and then sprayed into the gap over the mice. Gradually, they stopped squeaking and moving.

The smell in the room was over-powering. It gave me cramps in my temples. But I went through me bedtime routines, and closed the bedroom
door so I would not have to smell that mist, and after a lot of tumbling thoughts I was able to fall asleep.

If you get answers to your prayers, I would ask that you pray that I’ll get this Fencer wire (with only 1/4″ gaps in the mesh) put all around the foundation SOON! And that I will NOT have mice in the house this winter. Please, oh please God, No!

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