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“The RoseBouquet”

A Busy Birthday Yesterday

I had a busy birthday yesterday. First I had to beg off from my walk with Rita, as I had some business errands to run, banking, see my insurance agent about bringing down my house insurance (the bill was suddenly over $700 and due at the end of the week), and something to do at the post office. I didn’t expect that all to take more than an hour.

When I got home, ready to get to work at the computer, I found messages on the answering machine. I took time to call them back. One was a birthday call from a friend in Regina.

Rita wanted to know if I was home yet, as she wanted to drop by with birthday gifts too. Her bag included, tea, a tea towel and lavender hand soap. We also went out to check out the flowers in my garden. The Kaiser Kronen lilies are really going to town now!

By the way, the cataract surgery on Friday went really well. I was home by 12 noon, and by evening was able to use both eyes to see quite well, except that I need to put on the magnifying glasses now for anything in print or close up.
My eyes are a matched team now.

On Sunday I got a bag of birthday goodies from my friend, Judy.

When Rita left yesterday, it was past noon and time for lunch. I had a bowel of the green onion butter soup I’d made on Saturday, (when I harvested a big basin full of green onions, and portulaca to dry for teas, etc.) Before I was done with my soup Linda arrived for her time of helping with the history book. We always enjoy some visiting time first.

We were just turning to our individual work, when Wayne Senger arrived, he wanted to drop in for a bit and had brought his elderly friend, Al Peters, because he understood Al and I were related. They didn’t seem to know it was my birthday and I was content to let it be.

Phone calls interrupted the rest of the afternoon.

When Linda left I was starting on trying out a new recipe for my supper. I’d discovered on Saturday that green onions are very good for our eyes, and I’d found a recipe for scallion or green onion pancakes. The first time at a new recipe is always a bit of production, isn’t it?

I think they turned out okay. They were a little heavy on the stomach, but then I had four. (You cut them into wedgies and dip them in soya sauce or other dressings). Anyway, this was more fun than a sugary dessert.

I was out of breakfast muffins, so I baked a batch of 30 of those… but before I was finished I had a birthday call from a long-ago friend in London, Ontario. It took me a few minutes to recognize Catherine’s voice, and she even sang for me. But then we visited heartily for more than an hour!

The phone was just hung up when it rang again, so I visited with Aunt Jean while I did dishes.

It got too late to go water the garden, so I sat down to work at the computer. I’d only just got going when my sister Elsie phoned with birthday greetings. We also had a visit for at least half an hour.

I wondered to myself, how many others found my line busy between 7 to 11 pm!

Oh yes, there were a number of e-cards when I was checking emails late in the afternoon. The first card in the mail arrived the first week of July, and there have been a quite a handful since then. It usually happens that some late cards come in during August and even September, so I just keep saying, my birthday is a season; it lasts from the first birthday greeting to the last one that comes in! It is not over yet!

(Come to think of it, I haven’t had time to check Facebook yet either. There will be some there too).

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