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A Different AGM

I am the webmaster for another ministry’s website, http://eymi.net, so I had been asked to send in a written report, and to come to their AGM on Sunday afternoon, starting at 4 pm, but stopping in the meeting for a supper. Which was provided, thanks to a couple of the older single men on that Board who have learned the art of cooking large meals in a Crockpot. (I’d decided on Saturday to help them out by baking and bringing a chocolate zucchini cake, done in a ring mould).

We were only 8 people in total at this meeting. The secretary had prepared and stapled all reports together. That was a good thing because we didn’t get through them all. The treasurer got off on story-telling tangents as he gave his report. At 5 pm. it was decided we would pause for our supper. That took about half an hour.

A missionary to Mexico had been invited to give a report on his family’s work, and two projectors that had been provided to them by EYMI. He had brought his powerpoint on a USB stick and it was in the treasurer’s laptop, but they couldn’t get it to show up, so he should other slides instead, and told stories about the people and work.

I knew that the secretary and my friend, whom I had brought along, were planning to leave at a quarter to 7, to go to another meeting, and I could see that this meeting was not going to be done at that time. I was bracing myself to be asked to take minutes when the secretary left.

About 10 minutes to 7 the chairman asked if they could take care of elections for their Board positions before two of them would leave. So they quickly had elections. A retired minister from Regina was there, and apparently he had agreed to be the next chairman, so he was voted in. The current chairman was voted in as Vice-chair, and the others were re-elected for their roles as Secretary and Treasurer. Then they ajourned at 7 pm! The agenda was left unfinished.

Didn’t I tell you that AGM’s are not all the same? This one surprised me too. I stayed behind to help the Treasurer clean up the dishes and mess, as this took place in his office related to his secular job. I drove home, shaking my head. Certainly, a different AGM.

Ah, that’s right, I told you about another one last week, where I had wanted to use my camera, right? That organization makes their AGM a part of a weekend of workshops, and they get a turnout of over 100 people. So I’ve been at three AGMs in just one month, and they are all so very different!

Say, have you got any story of any really unusual AGM?

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