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A Minor Camera Miracle

You may recall that I mentioned my troubles that weekend of the MHSS AGM, with a second-hand camera I had bought on short notice. It would not accept the memory cards I put into it. I had to count on a friend to take the photos I needed for the written report of the meetings to be published.

I half hoped and believed that the camera might be made to work yet. But last Tuesday, coming home from the Abe Zacharias funeral, I stopped at Walmart and Best Buy to see what a new camera would cost. However, with a sense of caution. I was not impressed with the ones at Walmart in my price range, (they looked like tiny toys), and the one I did like at Best Buy was priced at $130, which I was not ready to spend; at least not until the end of this month.

I resolved that on Saturday I would go online and hunt for any possible solution. If there really was none, then I would consider buying that camera.

Here’s where I was thrilled to have a minor miracle for my camera. The first site I found from Google about this problem had two simple steps for advice. Open the menu on the camera, and look for “Reset Camera”. Click that. Then look for “format” and click that. Both steps seemed to do what they were suppose to do.

I quickly took a batch of photos, pointing in various directions around me. Once I had more than 5 photos I was convinced that the pictures were saved on the camera card rather than the short internal memory that would only hold 5 photos. But just to make sure, I took out the camera card and hooked it up to the computer. Sure enough! There were my photos!

I’ve been almost giddy as I praise the Lord for this solution.

This good-looking Kodak Easy Share camera only cost me $20, and saved me from spending $110 to get a brand new one.(I think the previous owner gave up, rather than look for an answer).

The only problem I’ve encountered this morning, as I’ve tried to take pictures of it in various mirrors, is that there is always a big glare right where you would see the camera. I guess I’ll have to research how to turn off the flash. Or take a mirror outside?

Anyway, I don’t have time for that right now. You see, that lunch meeting that I was rushing off to last week? Well, it turned out that it had been changed to this Tuesday noon, but I had the previous time in my mind and forgot about that. So I need to do this “hurry” all over again today!

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