“The RoseBouquet”

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“The RoseBouquet”

A Printing & Collating Mess

Things look rather cluttered and messy. Last week I decided I would have to ignore housekeeping and weeding, and even my other blocks of personal time to get this book DONE to the point where I can get 20 copies printed and bound and distributed to a select list of people who have some background with the mission. This stretched me even more when I found some serious errors in one section of 66 pages, and so I had to give up time to do that all over.

So much for my plan to get the pages printed, bound and distributed last week. By late Sunday night I got all the pages ready except for the Appendix which is not finished yet. However, I want to give those proof-readers, fact-checkers and reviewers to have as much time as possible in what is left of this month, so yesterday I started printing the pages.

I thought it was coming along well, with me giving a print command for each page, and then going up and down the line of laid out pages on my desk and on a board across the recliner, to collating pages.

But… then in the evening when I was getting tired of the time on my feet, I noticed that I was printing page 47 when I had just collating that page number. Whoa! So I stopped to check it out. Sure enough! I’d made another mistake in the page numbering. So I had to sit down and change page numbers right to the end, and reprint 4 pages that had the wrong numbers. Ouch!

There are about 2/3 of the pages to print yet, but if I can finish with this RoseBouquet quickly, I hope to get them all done today. Then tomorrow I’ll take them to the mission office, laminate the covers, and finish up the binding with cerlox combs.

Then I’ll start handing them out! I can see where I’ll have to hunt down some people, with phone calls and emails, and maybe deliver a book to them, and I expect to mail about 3 out.

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