“The RoseBouquet”

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“The RoseBouquet”

A Slower Pace Now

A slower pace and spirit has settled over me this week, but last week it was still pretty intense. I was trying to get more album pages finished and put into the first binder. The rest are now on my agenda to finish by the end of this month. There were a flurry of emails and phone calls about details for our big Celebration on Friday night. In fact, on Thursday it appeared that our printer would not have all the books bound in time for our event!

Since I live closest to the printers’ business, and the men from the office needed to go early to set up the tables and chairs, I volunteered to leave at 4:45 to get to the printers’ office just before closing at 5 and pick up whatever books were done at that time. Fortunately, I got an email just after 3 pm to say they were all done. The invoice was attached. I hurried to get changed and load the car with the display items from the mission’s past, then got over to pick up the books.

Fortunately, praise God, there was a man there to bring them to the car on a 2-wheel dolly, and he put them into the trunk for me. After cooling down in rush hour traffic (Attridge Drive was a parking lot!) I got to the church at 4:30 and again, praises God, a young man was there to help unload the boxes. So I only lugged the ones with the display stuff.

I arranged the books for sale, and put sticky labels on the ones that were pre-paid, or pre-ordered but needed to be paid for yet, etc., and my display tables.

Linda helping with desserts

Mostly I stayed out of the kitchen, but when I went to peek, I found Linda helping by putting toppings on mini-cheese-cakes.

(Incidentally, I took about 55 photos, but many of them are blurry, so my hands must have been shaking somewhat).

About the time I thought I could sit down to put on nail-polish guests started to arrive, so I was busy whirling from one to the next hugging and greeting people. I had some surprises; people that I thought I had not been able to reach to invite showed up, and some that I was sure were going to be there, did not come. We have not settled on the numbers there, but we agreed it was well over 100 and not quite 200. (Perhaps if I enlarge some of my photos I can do a better estimate).

Linda and Priscilla at the book table

After an opening, everyone was invited to go pick up a plate full of desserts, and coffee, etc. Time was allowed for people to enjoy those and do some visiting. Then the program began, and the first item was Kurt’s interview of me about the history of the mission through the 5 Eras under different Directors. I had prepared the script and slides, and been told to keep it to 10 minutes, however, I was reminded by someone in the audience to speak more s-l-o-w-l-y, and Kurt asked for more details about the Saskatoon Revival of 1971, so I think it all drew out to about 30 minutes.

Chosica starting to read the book

The Foster family presented some special musical numbers and they were great. The Harbidges were interviewed about their work in Alberta. At the end, Michael Ruten, our new Director, spoke for a while on where the mission is going in the future.

I got into this one with Jean (1980s) Linda & Arlene (1960s and Linda again from 2007-2015)

Then it was all over and the women at my table, a number of whom had worked in the mission years ago, wanted some photos taken. I got into one with Jean (from 1980s), Linda and Arlene, both worked in the late 1960s under Mr. Rice, but Linda came back in 2007 and worked again in the mission until 2015.

The visiting was great fun, but suddenly I was reminded that we had only rented the church gym until 10 pm, and it was after 10 already. So I had to hustle and pack up my stuff, and put the leftover books into boxes for Kurt to take to the office. I also gave Jean a ride home.

By the time I was wending my way home, all I could say was, “Lord, I’m too exhausted to analyze, but – I’m satisfied! Thank You.”

My slower pace did not kick in right away though. On Saturday I managed to get up despite a stiff neck and headache. I got my laundry load washed and hung up, and was planning to go to the Board meeting for 10 am. But I got a call at 9:10 asking if I wasn’t coming. It had been changed to 9 am and I had not noticed. So I hurried off without breakfast.

From there we went to the Rutens’ house for a barbeque lunch. (Pulled pork). It was all delicious, but I was quieter all day than usual, mostly listening to others.

Mid-afternoon I got home and started a salad for the Potluck supper at church for the ESL class. I put the components into the fridge and sat down for a half hour rest. (I was thankful that my morning headache had cleared up with some painkillers, but I was feeling spent).

Of course, I dozed off. Again, thanks to the Lord, my brother Tom called to remind me that I’d left some of my dishes at his place on Sunday. I promised to pick them up Sunday after church. Then I realized with a gasp, that it was high time to get my salad parts combined and get off to arrive in time for the Potluck. I had a good time visiting with several women there, but when they drifted away from the table, I decided that it was okay for me to go home.

I woke during the night with tremendous pain in my neck, and I realized that my latent arthritis had had enough stress (even positive experiences can be stressful), to come out of retirement.

So I had a long, restful nap on Sunday afternoon, and now feel much more normal again. I’m taking time again for some house-hold chores, and cleaning in the garden for the winter, but I do want to finish up the albums, and the Minutes and Annual Reports that I want to organize for the office. Then pack it all up and take it back to the office.

Some of my clients (charity websites) are waiting for me to finish some projects for them, so I’m trying to get them fitted in too. Hopefully I’ll be all caught up at the end of the month. Then, look out – I’ve got plans!

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