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“The RoseBouquet”

An All-Nighter

Yes, that’s what it took – an all-nighter from Sunday evening through to Monday morning, but I got the book polished and uploaded for the printing company just before 7 am. (I can’t recall when I last ever pulled a one-nighter!)

Then I was hungry, so I had my breakfast muffin and went to bed. I slept soundly until after 12 noon, which was more hours than I’d been getting most nights for quite a while. I got up, had lunch and buckled down to some serious housecleaning. I’d been neglecting that for several weeks and I needed to do that to make myself feel clean and normal again.

That is not to say there is nothing more to do. Oh no! 🙂

Here’s my revised to-do list related to this project before I can – with a clear conscience – go on to a career that has been on hold quite a while, and which I’m looking forward to.

I still want to call and email or send a letter to about a page full of people that I’ve found worked for WTM in the past, and whom I would like to tell about the book and invite them to the Celebration on October 13.

Kurt asked me to prepare a powerpoint presentation and write out a script for an interview he will do with me that big event night, to review the past and the book – all in ten minutes. I have so many details in my head about all the history of the last 76 years that boiling it down to just ten minutes of interesting presentation is going to be some work. I rather hope I can be done with it by the end of this week.

Then, I’d like to format in a consistent manner all the minutes and Annual Reports, that are on my computer now, from the 1950s to the present and print them out in an orderly fashion and put in binders, but also on a DVD, so that the office staff can quickly find and copy paste from them when they want to check the past and/or quote from there.

Another project Linda and I want to complete is to go through all the resource materials in the bins and boxes in the pantry, sort out what items to prepare for display at the Celebration, and what to pack up for the office archives. Hopefully there will be time to prepare some nice scrapbooks for the display too. All those old photos need to be arranged in a suitable way for frequent review at the office.

As for personal projects… I look forward to an hour or two per day in cleaning up the garden and yard for the winter. I’d also like to get some deep housecleaning done. That may have to wait for rainy or wintery Saturdays.

My goal will be to get the first four projects done by October 13, and the last one by Christmas – maybe.

I’ll discuss my business goals at another time. But I’d like to be in full swing with that career by October 16!

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