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“The RoseBouquet”

An Ordinary December

I think I’m having an ordinary December (so far), in that I was able to shovel snow again this morning (we had two weeks of milder temperatures when the snow was shrinking), I’m working away at the projects I want to finish by Christmas, and over supper I’m also baking peppernuts.

On Saturday I mixed up my mixing bowl FULL of the dough for peppernuts. Those are the hard, spicy nut-sized cookies that are traditional in many Mennonite homes. Of course, the baking is a long process, and I don’t have time to do all of that on one day, so I try to cut/roll two cookie sheets full over, or immediately after supper. (I counted last night and that is over 100 peppernuts per sheet … about 8 to a row, and I think I had 12 or 13 rows).

If I keep this up every evening this week, I should have about 3 ice cream buckets full of peppernuts. That means I can take some to the Pot Luck supper before the Christmas program at church on Sunday night, and I can start filling and dressing up some jars full of peppernuts to give away as gifts.

My good friend, Lois, said last week that she used to bake thousands of peppernuts too, but her favourite cookies were the ammonia cookies. I’m tempted to try those too, even though I’m not a big cookie baker, but I will need to find some of that baking ammonia first when I go out tomorrow to run some errands. It used to be used more before baking powder was invented. So I could substitute, but I’m curious to see what made Lois like them so much.

Are there a lot of baking scents wafting around your place too?

Anyway, by about 7 pm it is time to get on with my projects again. Of course, during different segments of my day I do things like watch training videos for business, and work on my e-book that I want to sell when I can get into business full-time. I work at it a little every afternoon. There’s always emails to try to catch up on, and the things – like favours for friends or clients – that come out of the emails.

Say, what does an ordinary December look like for you? It seems everyone has their own world of busyness these days.

The above is a fairly ordinary December for me, except that this year a friend and I are planning to organize a Christmas meal and visiting with single friends who have no family to go home to celebrate with on the 25th. That will be a little different.

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