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“The RoseBouquet”

Back to a Schedule

Yesterday was my first day back to a schedule like I’ve used for years (with adjustments) to make progress on many jobs and goals at a steady pace. I felt so good at the end of the day!

Do you ever ask yourself, “How will I get all this done?”

May I tell you how I cope with that? As you know, that book project for the mission HAD to be done by a deadline, and to make sure I got it ready and printed in time for the Celebration, I literally gave up many things on my daily and weekly schedule. I became single-minded and focused on one thing mainly. (You were lucky that I still guarded my Tuesday mornings for this RoseBouquet). But I found that kind of intense focus rather stressful. You probably do too, if you are always focused on just one thing before you take a break and do something else.

Since that celebration I had focused on finishing up these new photo albums for the mission. I’d thought if I gave it my all for just a week or two I’d wrap it all up. However, last week I became convinced that this could still take a lot of time, and I needed to get back to my business schedule. Clients (many of them are in ministry and can’t afford to pay; yet I call them clients – I just trust the Lord to pay me for that work), … these clients were writing, sometimes 3 in a day, all asking me to do something new for them.

The only solution I could think of was to go back to my usual style of scheduling my days and weeks. I listed all the projects that were up to me, and found a block of time, when I would deal with them. Some would have to wait their turn for that same block of time. I call that, ‘going on the back burner’ for a while. They can warm or simmer there until I can focus on them.

So I’m back to checking on my businesses in the morning, and watching videos and webinars to keep updated. Also time for writing blogs and ezines. Some promotional work right over lunch, and then more training and finishing up scripts for a money-making project. From 3 to 5 pm I check and answer emails, and that often includes doing small favours for friends and clients. I was thrilled yesterday to see that my inbox which had been full of backlogged emails for weeks, now is down to just 10 more emails for me to read/file, or answer. It’s good to see some white space for a change!

Evenings is when I take on bigger projects – I give 4-5 hours of an evening. Now I do want to produce some profitable ventures in that time, but between now and Christmas, I’m going to give several evenings to these gift projects. Monday night is for the photo albums. Tuesday night is for formatting and printing/filing all those old Minutes for the Mission. Wednesday night is still always for my one steadily paying client. Thursday night will go to a short book that a ministry client needs to be edited and formatted. It is only about 118 pages, no photos except for the cover. It should only take a few Thursday nights to finish. Someone else has asked for a website… so they are on the ‘back burner’ for Thursday nights. Friday nights will be for catching up on my personal and business bookkeeping. (There are months worth of entries to get into the computer).

Do you see how this type of organization of my time allows me to make progress on a number of fronts? It takes some self-discipline, but if you look at your list of to-dos, and promise them a slot in your daily or weekly routine, they will get done. The little ones in a day or two and the bigger ones will take longer, but WILL GET DONE as well!

This morning I made a list in my prayer time of all that I got done yesterday, and it made me feel so good to see progress in so many directions. I was even able to get the window air-conditioner downstairs, bake a loaf of rye bread, and put away the stones from the banquet to use in my flowerbeds in spring. Those were not even in my written timetable, but I was able to fit them in between other things.

Yes, friend, I highly recommend a little planning and self-discipline. You’ll feel better for it!

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