“The RoseBouquet”

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“The RoseBouquet”

Better Health, and Work, Of Course

Last week I was free of all shingles symptoms, and my energy level increased, so that I felt pretty good all around.

I stayed up late one night (I won’t say how late) to get the Historian ready for the printers and made the deadline. My work on the mission’s history book fell behind those days when I was taking extra naps, so I’ve been trying to catch up. Last night I nearly got that Rice Era section done, but I got another idea for improving the book, which meant extra work, so I have a few pages of side-bars to do tonight and then I can move on to the Anhorn Era.

All this has put my mind on an expression that Mom used a lot; “Vann aul, Dann aul.” That is Plautdietsch, and translated literally it means, “If already, then already.” The essence is, “If you are going to start that; then do it well!” I guess that is so ingrained in me that my efforts to do the very best and most I can, keeps making more work for me. However, in the end I will have a clear conscience that I could not have done my work any better! A vote for Excellence!

As for those shingles. I did get some itchy spots again, just below my waistline, so the zoster virus may still be lurking in my body. However, I made myself a pot of tea in the evening, using three of the herbs that are suppose to be good for neuralgia problems, and today I’m feeling fine again. So I need to keep working at rinsing that inflammatory virus out for good.

Spring is here, and the snow and ice is mostly melted away, but the heat wave doesn’t start until tomorrow. That made me realize on Saturday that I’ll soon need to be outside raking the yard, and puttering in the garden. Which means I better get at that basement cleanup! I put in a couple of hours there on Saturday, but I know from other years, that once the outdoor work begins the basement cleanup will get short-shift. (Sigh!)

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