“The RoseBouquet”

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“The RoseBouquet”

Biding my Time and Keeping Busy

I went to see the Eye Specialist on Saturday, and he said it might be 6 weeks before I’ll have my next surgery. I should be getting a sure date in the mail any day now.

A bit disappointed? Yes. I was looking forward to have matching vision in my eyes. I have astigmatism, which means I’m cross-eyed, but normally my Rx glasses took care of that. Now I have to live with one side clear and the other fuzzy. Which one depends on whether I have my glasses on or off. For the most part I can adapt, but sometimes I get a bit impatient – I want to be done with this stage and move on to good sharp vision all the time, all day long!

Also, in the last two days, there has been something like a tiny grain of sand on the the new eye, and the eyelid keeps riding over it. I called the Dr’s office about it yesterday, but am still waiting for a call back. I wonder if it is the lens has shifted a bit? Or is it just the dryness in the room when I have the fan going?

On Sunday I drove to church with my glasses on my head instead of on my nose. I was able to see fine without them, using my new eye mainly.

Anyway, I still manage to get my usual work done, including some gardening, where I’m happy to say I’ve been seeing some blooms. Since I have a lunch-time committee meeting today, I’ll share a couple of these photos and hurry on my way.

Here’s the irises of Mom’s that I brought with me to this place in 2007, They were late but have just s finished blooming nicely;

And these are the peonies,l daisies and a lone iris blooming right now in the front yard!

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