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“The RoseBouquet”

Blooms Busting Out!

We had a good downpour of rain early last week, and so now the blooms are busting out all over! I hope to do a proper garden tour in August again, but I thought today I would just show you a few contrasts from what parts of the garden looked like in June and what they look like now.

Yesterday morning we did have some smoke from the BC forest fires hanging overhead, but that lifted. Now we have clear blue skies again.

I still try to water my garden and flowers any day that it doesn’t rain, nor on Sundays. But I’m always pleased when the Lord takes the watering shift, and that hour and 20 minutes of steady rain, (even a bit of hail) last Monday has really made the blooms bust out!

Note: the photos to the left are the ones from June.The ones that go to the right are more recent – in July.

pink begonias in June

Example: my Pink Begonias in June – and now in July – they have multiplied, non-stop!

pink Begonias in July have multiplied non-stop

Petunia seedlings started in containers in June

Above, the petunias as seedlings put into my various containers.

Below the pots are filling up with lovely petunias on the steps both left and right, and the pink ones on the ground where they started.

magenta petunias on steps in July

magenta petunias on east side of steps

pink petunias in larger pots

June - floral circler at front sidewalk with pathetic geraniiums and white petuniias

Here is my floral circle at the front sidewalk – first in June when I was planting my over-wintered geraniums and my white petunia seedlings.

To the right/below you see how the floral circle and the flowerbed beside the sidewalk is filling out!

July - floral circle and border filling out much better now!

daisies and one iris bloomed in late June

Right in front of the front porch, the daisies were dancing in the breeze over the last few weeks, and one iris had blooms.

Then, just recently, the peonies had their turn!

July, the daisies with the peonies blooming

just today, the daylilies started to open up under the tree with the yellow painted daisies

Back under the tree behind the house, the yellow painted daisies and the daylilies have decided to bloom since last week’s rain!

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