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Buying a Second-hand Camera

Sigh! Another educational experience last week was about buying a second-hand camera. I had dropped the one I had used now for a number of years. The lens was extended, and now will not go in our out. So the camera refuses to work.

I like to take some photos to go with the report I publish on the MHSS weekend, so I decided to check on Kijiji (a free classified ads site). I found one that was similar in size and style to mine, but a Kodak. I got the seller to call me and I agreed to drive over at 5 pm. it looked much better than my camera. I’d brought my own batteries and camera card to try it out, but the man said that it had enough internal memory for 5 pictures. He demonstrated its features, so I willingly handed over $20 and bought it.

I tried it out in the evening and decided this would not be hard to use, i liked its extra features.

Friday night I took some photos and then – suddenly it informed me that it was full! But I had put my 16 GB memory card into it. How could that be?

I fussed with it at home on Friday night until midnight, downloading the manual for it from the internet. I found that I had to change the settings for it to save pictures to my memory card, but once I did that, it kept telling me that the card needed to be formatted. I tried every which way to get it formatted and it refused. I tried another card. The camera refused it also.

Okay, I would stop at Staples before I went for the 9:30 am meeting and buy a new card. I asked to try it out first. But the same answer. Another techie expert was called to take over. He could not get it to format either.

I gave up and asked Susan to take photos for me when I got to the meeting.

However, I now feel that I was tricked by the seller. He must have known that it didn’t recognize memory cards. Therefore, I want to warn you to be careful when buying a second-hand camera. Be very sure it works well, before you buy!

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