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Clean as a Whistle

As I had mentioned, last Tuesday I had to go to the hospital for a test or procedure. I felt no pain in the procedure, but the preparation was a bit icky. I had to drink an 8 oz. glass full of this liquid starting at 5 pm the night before, (up to 2 liters […]

November 15, 2016, At My Place... Clean as a Whistle
When Problems Gang Up

What do you do when problems gang up on you? My life is fairly laid back so I don’t have this happen very often, but I did get the feeling this past weekend, or mainly on Thursday and Friday. By Saturday I saw my emotional skies clearing again. On Thursday evening I was baking a […]

Meeting Myrtle in Retrospect

Today I’d like to tell you about meeting Myrtle in retrospect. I think we would have been great friends if we’d met at least a decade earlier. I have known of Myrtle (Harder) Bute as long as I’ve been involved with Western Tract Mission, now Impact Canada Ministries. I joined in 1999, and heard of […]

The End of Elm Tree # 1

We’ll make this a photo story showing the end of Elm tree # 1 in my front yard. This has dragged on over 4 weeks, but the end is in sight. Back in September Frank, my cousin Gary’s friend, showed up and began to cut off the smaller branches with a handsaw. Frank piled them […]

Thanksgiving on Sunday

I celebrated Thanksgiving on Sunday, as I’ve done the last number of years. I trust all you Canadians had a good Thanksgiving with your family and friends too, no matter whether you celebrated it on Sunday or yesterday, the official day on our calendars. Why do I prefer Sundays? Because that’s the day I’ve set […]

My Tale of Two Trees

My tale of two trees has some twists and turns now. Frank showed up on Thursday again, with a small chain saw that had seen better days. He found me in the garden and asked for oil to run it. I didn’t think I had such oil, but he said car oil would do. I […]

The Big Front Elm Coming Down

The big front elm is coming down these days. It’s a process. Trees around a house give it both a practical and an emotional shelter from winter winds and snow, and whatever passing motorists – and even pedestrians may think. It’s not the only factor, but don’t trees help to turn a house into a […]

The Last Dahlias

Last night I brought in the last Dahlias that still look good. The rest were browned off and ready to discard. I will dig up the bulbs with roots and put them away in the basement for the winter and see if they will bloom again next year – as they are suppose to. These […]

September 20, 2016, At My Place... The Last Dahlias
A New Garage for Me?

A new garage for me? This fall yet? Wow! Last week it became a possibility . . . . Further to the things that all seemed to happen on Tuesday last week, Gary has fixed the back step that was sagging, taken out the “not- all-there” pantry window, and installed the new one I’ve had […]

September 13, 2016, At My Place... A New Garage for Me?
Happening All At Once!

Whew! Today is a day when all kinds of things are happening all at once! I knew I had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon, and that I’d want to get this RoseBouquet written and published by noon for sure. But before breakfast my cousin Gary (my handyman, and renovations man from last summer, remember?) phoned. […]

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