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We’re Packing for an Exciting Weekend

Well, no watermelon garden – yet. But we’ve had a few days of rain, so our garden is looking blest. We should be eating radishes and lettuce soon. We already use the sorrel, onion greens and chives that come up naturally every year. The rhubarb is ready to use too. But hey, what really absorbs […]

May 31, 2006, At My Place...
Can I Interest You in Some Watermelons?

We’re having a lovely, softly falling rain this morning. If I stand still in the garden I can almost watch the rows of little green plants growing bigger above the dark black soil! Dad’s friend Jona, on the other hand, who lives on the acreage where we used to live years ago on the other […]

May 24, 2006, At My Place...
It’s a Perfect Time

This is my most favourite time of the year. I like the changing seasons. We have no excuse to get bored, but somehow this time is the one I enjoy most. Our spring is probably later than most other parts of the world. (Just another hour’s drive north of us, and you’ll find the population […]

May 17, 2006, At My Place...
Those Blessed Rains

Last week I saw on the weather site online, that early this week we were to get several days of rain. I had already been thinking of sowing the garden on Saturday. That’s Gr’ma’s birthday; Mom’s preferred day to sow to honour her mother. With that promised rain in the offing, I resolved to really […]

A Belated, Surprise Birthday Party for Dad’s 90th.

Dad got his full set dentures last Friday. When we got home, there was just enough time for him to set up a table in the garage and gather a few things for a garage sale. About 30 others were having one Friday 4-9 and Sat. 9-4, and this meant that Garage Sale-ers could almost […]

May 3, 2006, At My Place...
Are Surprises Like Gift Horses?

It’s fun to plan surprise parties, but not so much fun if you’re left out of the planning. I’m thinking I need to work more with the surprise-ee in the future when I plan some. Why? Well, there is this surprise party a foot, to honour Dad this weekend. Saturday I found out not everyone […]

April 26, 2006, At My Place...
When Cheap was NOT a Good Deal

Last Wednesday afternoon we were in the city and made nine different stops – one busy, BUSY afternoon. One of my goals was to find some cheap white paint to add to the peach/flesh coloured paint I had left from the kitchen, so I could do the one long wall in the living room and […]

April 19, 2006, At My Place...
Doing a Photo Shoot

When you want some nice photos you go to a studio, right? Well, frugal people with good friends like I have, don’t do that. 🙂 I’ve been wanting to update my photo on my web sites for over a year. Last July, for my birthday, my friend Kathy gave me a special film, and promised […]

April 12, 2006, At My Place...
The Stories a Guest Will Tell

My Pen Pal Betty was a marvelous guest. Very agreeable, and so gracious and eager to see all that we wanted to show her. Dad most especially likes to show off his crafts and how-he-does-it. We did not really talk about my online efforts at all as she is one of those who has no […]

April 5, 2006, At My Place...
Seeing our House Like a Potential Guest

When you know that company is coming that hasn’t been to your house before, do you suddenly see your surroundings in a new light? That’s what’s happening to me these days. A pen pal from Vancouver, B.C. is coming for a visit Wednesday. (That’s why I’m writing this ahead). Although I do a usual cleaning […]

March 30, 2006, At My Place...

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