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A Writer’s Honeymoon on Tuesdays

You might have thought I only have one novel that I ever talk about, right? Well, “published” yes, but my imagination is filled with a whole series of them. I’ve just been trying to get the first one selling well before I divide my attention too finely.

I have been working on the next one in the series, which is where the heroine, Ruthe, finally gets romantic. Marriage and love and a new family come into her life here. Last year I could only take half days off on holidays to treat myself to a novel-writing block of time. This year I’ve assigned my Tuesday nights,

March 22, 2006, At My Place...
We’ve Had Some Weather

Whew! Here in Saskatchewan people were congratulating themselves on a fine, light winter. Not very much snow, milder temperatures and no blizzards. On March 1, that changed. We’ve averaged fresh snow falls, a whole day or more at a time, at least two or three times a week! This last week there were some strong winds involved, but I don’t know that it was a full blizzard yet.

March 15, 2006, At My Place...
Never Mind the Weather – We’re Going!

Western Tract Mission, (where I am a Board member and web-master, and layout editor), had a fundraising 65th Anniversary Concert and Dessert night. It all turned out much better than we’d hoped. Weather ran the greatest interference. We had a heavy snowfall on March 1, again on Saturday, March 4, and then early yesterday morning it was freezing drizzle over a wide-spread area. Radio news was warning people to stay off the roads if they didn’t have to go.

March 8, 2006, At My Place...
March Coming in Like a Lion

Yes, we’ve finally got a snowstorm this winter. Actually, not what I would call blizzard conditions with violent winds, etc. Just a steady snowfall all night and continuing – probably all day.

When I went to go out for my pre-breakfast prayer walk this morning I discovered that a drift of snow had come in under the outer door,

March 1, 2006, At My Place...
The Birthday Celebration Dad Wanted

I gave Dad a birthday card at breakfast promising to take him to that Ring Ranch south of Saskatoon which raises alpacas. This was something he’d been wanting and hinting at since before Christmas.

I’d phoned ahead and got directions. South of the city on # 11 highway, past the Grasswood Esso. We turned left at the Day Grow Nursery and went on for another 2.5 miles

February 22, 2006, At My Place...
Preparing for Dad’s Birthday

Dad is going to be 90 on Monday. Now he’s not keen on parties and cake, etc., but he’s been saying for months now, that he would like to visit an alpaca farm again. I took him on an afternoon excursion two years ago on his birthday to see one, and he was so taken with it all, that now when he has heard of another alpaca ranch he wants to go.

February 15, 2006, At My Place...
Some Menu Changes

We’re eating more soft foods and drinking delicious meal-in-a-mug meal substitute drinks.

Dad had his second batch of teeth extracted yesterday. The first four came out two and a half weeks ago. He has two more appointments to go, and then he’ll let the gums heal thoroughly before he goes to have dentures made.

February 8, 2006, At My Place...
Why Mom Would Laugh

If Mom had seen me yesterday she would have laughed. She was a very serious person and didn’t laugh often, but somehow I could hear and see her doing it.

You see, for many years Mom was too weak to do any housework, but she liked to stay at her chair at the table after meals to watch me work in the kitchen

February 1, 2006, At My Place...
We’re Hopeful Canadians!

I don’t discuss politics too quickly as it tends to divide even friends. However, you might be interested in our level of involvement in our Canadian federal elections.

In the previous election I had agreed to have a lawn sign, and act as a scrutineer at our local polling station, on behalf of our conservative candidate, Maurice Vellacott. (I used to go to the same country Sunday School years ago, as his wife, Mary).
So when their campaign office called and asked abou

January 25, 2006, At My Place...
The Christmas Cacti are Finally in Bloom

Last year they disappointed us altogether, but when I called Aunt Margaret she advised to put them out in the cold for a few weeks to give them a shock; then they would bloom. We did, and we had fine, beautiful pink blossoms on all of them for Easter week.

I put them out in the cold sunroom again at the beginning of December, and noticed about a week before Christmas

January 18, 2006, At My Place... Ruthe's Roses

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