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How we Do a City Trip

We’re interrupting my business schedule again for a couple of days. This afternoon Dad and I are going to see the doctor.

Yesterday we were in Saskatoon for the afternoon and evening. I had a Board meeting at the mission to attend, which happens every other month. When it does, because Dad does NOT like to stay home alone, we go early enough to take a supper over to my brother Tom’s and enjoy a little visit with him.

January 11, 2006, At My Place...
Hoarfrost Diamonds and Rain in 100 Days

Do certain kinds of weather bother you?

I generally don’t dwell on it much since it’s out of my control, but yesterday when Dad and I were in the city, he complained several times that the fog was making him feel depressed. I’d mentioned various times that we needed new windshield wipers and yesterday he wanted to know where we could buy them. Canadian Tire, of course.

January 4, 2006, At My Place...
Learning to Play with Dad’s New Toys

Dad has never really got the hang of buying or giving gifts. Not that he doesn’t want to – he just doesn’t know how. Sometimes I’ve helped him out, but I hate to appear manipulative, so often I’ve just let it go.

However, this was the year that both his sons gave him more expensive electronic gadgets.

December 28, 2005, At My Place...
All I Need for Christmas is a Toilet

Whew! What a week! I got antibiotics from the doctor last Wednesday, but seemed sicker for a couple of days. Strength began to return towards the end of the week. Just that crazy cough to conquer. Then, Sunday the coughing cracked a rib on me! Dad noticed that the toilet in my bathroom downstairs had […]

December 21, 2005, At My Place...
Go to the Doctor? Yes. No…

Do you ever have trouble deciding whether to go see your doctor when you’re sick?

I’ve been wrestling with this for several days now. I came down with a flu bug on Saturday night.

December 14, 2005, At My Place...
Carol Festival Conversations & Singing

Every year, the first or second Sunday of December, there is a Carol Festival in our local school gym, put on by four participating churches. I always look forward to this. Some years each church has a choir practiced up, or sometimes they have smaller singing groups, even the school prepares a children’s choir. This year they tried the mass choir idea again.

Anyway, I often end up sitting beside someone that I haven’t talked to for years, or have never met before. This time I was beside a nice retired lady

December 7, 2005, At My Place...
Hinting Works

Last week one evening, after doing dishes, I came back in from tossing the compost on the garden (we let it freeze and disintegrate in the spring, and then Dad rotor tills it into the soil). and I said to Dad, who was sitting in his recliner, “You know, next summer I’m going to persist in bringing up and whining for a yard light at the back of the house to shine into the garden. Do you think it will help?”

November 30, 2005, At My Place...
I’m Giddy about New Glasses

That’s not all. I’m going to go order my new glasses! I’ve carried a prescription in my purse since June 30, and had been getting a bit concerned because I didn’t have enough saved up yet, and in six months that Rx would be no good. It would cost another $89 to have my eyes re-tested.

November 23, 2005, At My Place...
I’m Baking Bubbat

We’re on our way within the hour to our first Christmas “DO” for this season. It’s at our Western Tract Mission office, where I am a Board member and a volunteer in several areas (web site and newsletter desktop design).

November 16, 2005, At My Place...
Proof I’m Not Totally Klutzy

My sister-in-law phoned last night, and when she heard that I’d had yet another computer crash last week, and another this (although I recovered by last night, and have fixed the original error I’d made last week) – I could just hear in her voice, as she informed me that they never have computer crashes, that I must be really dumb or klutzy to have such problems.

November 10, 2005, At My Place...

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