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What is the $1 ‘Prospect & Recruit Reps in Minutes’ 5-Day Challenge?

A 5-day challenge to give home business owners a proven social media blueprint and daily method of operation to get fresh leads every day for their businesses… for free! (It starts July 16th officially, but anyone can access the videos in the Facebook page as soon as registered). This 5-day challenge comes with a 100% risk-free 30-day trial of the MLSP marketing system, which is the #1 online marketing system for home business owners to help them get leads, sales and sign-ups for their specific businesses. The MLSP community has been creating the biggest leaders you see online today since 2008.

July 7, 2020, Tips & Solutions
Stuck for How-to Solutions – Ask YouTube

I didn’t include photos of the weeks in the ally in front of my gate – that’s another story! I don’t go out that often so the weeds have been having a gay ol’ time growing in the sunshine and rains. (I think many of them are over 3 feet high!) Well, Saturday was a rainy day, but in the evening the sun came out and I decided to hook up my weed eater to my longest orange cord, and go mow down those weeds. Not so fast, my girl! It took quite a while to bring one .

June 30, 2020, Tips & Solutions
Password Problems

My sister in Ontario has had me on the phone nearly an hour now with problems logging in to her blog. We have struggled together over the phone (until my ear is numb) with ways to get help. After quite a while we discovered that we were not working on the same site! (Crazy, isn’t it how little misunderstandings can blow a problem all out of proportion, eh?)

Summa Borscht Recipe

We had a nice long visit, and when I mentioned that I was making Summa Borscht for my supper, Ernie suddenly longed for that summer soup too, but he didn’t know where he’d find the zorrump (English: sorrel). Well, I have it growing in my garden under the big tree. But I told him you can usually find it in the ditches in rural areas. But since you don’t know how far and wide the farmers have been spraying for weeds, it is a good idea to wash the leaves very very well. Or, as I told Dad years ago, dig up a few plants and bring them into the garden. Then they will be safe to pick.

June 16, 2020, Tips & Solutions
Stunning Humming Birds!

Would you like to see some stunning humming birds in slow motion? You have to marvel at their irridencent throats and hoods! My friend Shirley (one of two), sent me a link to a video that is absolutely stunning. It shows several different kinds of humming birds – in slow motion. You actually get a good look at them and their brilliant colours. I think you’ll find this to be a treat!

Epsom Salts to Energize Your Plants

I saw this tip among the Youtube videos last week while enjoy that rash of extra prolife videos. Did you know that you can give your seeds an extra boost of energy if you add a tablespoon of epsom salts to a gallon of water and use that to water the row into which you gently scatter your seeds. This will cause the seeds to sprout and grow better and bigger.

May 19, 2020, Tips & Solutions
Learn to LOVE Lemons

Lemons are sour, so I don’t often think about them until I get a headache. Then I remember that my friend Kathy once advised me to cut a wedge out of a real lemon and eat the pulp. I did – and still do – making faces at the sourness! But guess what, in half an hour my headache is gone. So I try to lways keep one lemon in the fridge, and I try to use it . . .

May 12, 2020, Tips & Solutions
A Wise, Kind, and Chatty Mennonite Mom

Sometimes it is harder to sort out my business work from things I do just for pleasure or out of curiosity. But here’s something you might enjoy too. I discovered Youtube videos by a Mennonite woman who calls her channel “A Mennonite Mom”. She describes the ordinary things she does and answers questions about her kind of “Mennonite” – and in one she and her husband told their love story together.

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