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My Snow-Shoveling Tips

Just in case you live where there is snow, and in case you are struggling with this chore, let me share a few of my self-discovered tips for doing it well and enjoying it more. 1. Stop griping about winter; you can’t make it go away, complaining will only make your suffering feel worse. 2. […]

Book Binding is a Cinch

Do you enjoy unique hand-made books or booklets? I really have fun making them, and have been grateful that my sister Elsie left me her cerlox binding machines. But last night while following a link for something else in an incoming email, I was on Youtube and saw some videos on a new little gadget […]

Becoming https Compliant

I’ve discovered that Google is expecting websites to become https compliant by a certain date. (Was that yesterday?) This is more complicated than I first realized, so that may give me a load of work that I have to fit in too. I’ll have to work at that on my own sites, plus the ones […]

Dealing with Maple Bugs, etc.

Are you dealing with maple bugs, etc., trying to get into your house this fall? Me too. There are some natural remedies that work to a degree. You might want to try several of these ideas: Cinnamon keeps mosquitoes away, and cinnamon oil attracts other insects, so you can use it as a trap. Mint! […]

Heaven’s Gonna Shine!

A California friend sent me a link to acapella hymns on Youtube. I like all the songs, but this one was new to me, and I really like it best of all. Heaven’s Gonna Shine is very lively and enthusiastic! Heaven’s Gonna Shine! There is a list of 42 such songs all set with beautiful […]

Ungluing Old Photos

Have you tried to take photos out of one of those old magnetic albums? The ones with the gooey lines, and the clear acetate layovers? Well, Linda and I are tackling the job of making new albums with the old WTM photos, but the earliest ones are in a big black album with those magnetic […]

Cooking for Sunday Company

Do you hesitate to invite guests home with you from church on Sunday? A lot of folks go to eat out, but I think that’s too expensive. I wanted to invited a friend over for a birthday lunch this last weekend, and I had just recently tried a new crockpot recipe that I enjoyed. So […]

September 26, 2017, Tips & Solutions

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