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Who’s Been Kind or Generous to You?

I got an email yesterday from David Z. Holmes, who says he’s a regular here. He
also has a site about succeeding with integrity, and he’s decided to offer an
award called Beneficence, to someone who has performed some great act of
kindness. See more here; http://www.davidzackholmes.com/beneficence.html

October 12, 2005, Tips & Solutions

STORY-TELLING – number one means of communicating anything! According to
the International Storytelling Center, there are six stories you need to learn
how to tell: who I am stories, why I am here stories, my vision story, teaching
stories, values in action stories, and “I know what you are thinking” stories:

October 5, 2005, Tips & Solutions
Download Picasa for Your Pictures

Mainly though the point is that I’ve switched away from Windows
as my basic operating system and am using SUSE which is the Cadillac of the
more than 57 varieties of Linux. This means I’m using no-cost programs you may
not have seen or heard of before.

However, just this morning I learned of a new one put out by Google that is
offered gratis to Windows systems-users, and it looks like a great one to
download to work with your pictures.

September 28, 2005, Tips & Solutions
My Heart 2 Heart for Sale

Whew! I thought it would only take a couple of minutes to finish that sales and the download page. It has taken me a couple of hours! But it is done and ready for you.

September 7, 2005, Tips & Solutions
Windows Keyboard – Patrolling Pastors – Billboards

These links, found just yesterday, may be of help to you. If you’ve got Windows, but would like to get better use of your keyboard, this could be useful; Keyboard I don’t know how long this link will be correct, but this news story about squads of pastors patrolling the streets in the UK late […]

August 31, 2005, Tips & Solutions
Long Story Short Writing Courses

I know I have a number of writers in my RoseBouquet of friends, so this may be of interest to you. I wish I could say I’ve talked to former students and verified that it is all above board and of excellent quality. It’s so new there are no former students. So if you are […]

August 25, 2005, Tips & Solutions
A Plague Over the Kitchen Sink

We’ve been enjoying a lot of fruit the last few weeks, and though I’ve been hiding what’s left in the fridge, we have a veritable plague of fruit flies this week! All over the sink and kitchen cabinets. I’ve been washing things down but good, and setting out apple cider vinegar and honey in a […]

August 17, 2005, Tips & Solutions
The Big Money in Writing

Fiction is fun and for pleasure, the big money lies in writing how-tos and knowledgeable non-fiction. Want to make a living in this internet information age? Make Your KNOWLEDGE Sell! is THE BEST manual to guide you through brainstorming, developing and marketing your info-product. That, and Make Your WORDS Sell! will give you all the […]

August 10, 2005, Tips & Solutions
Making Money from Books You Love

If you are a writer, or even if you just love books, and if you have a web site, there is a way you can make a bit of small change from this combination. (This assumes that your web site looks fairly professional and attracts a steady flow of visitors who like to order their […]

July 27, 2005, Tips & Solutions

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