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The Quiz Results Surprised Me

Remember that quiz last week about how well you know me? Hmm! Robin responded almost immediately with good answers to all the questions. Two or three answers were not the ones I had in mind, but they were actually true about me too. One other friend sent a guess at my age. That was all. […]

How Well Do You Know Me?

Most of you are longtime roses in my bouquet of friends, but I wonder how well you know me? Do you recall me writing a few weeks ago about needing to Brand myself for my new marketing ventures? The idea behind Attraction marketing is that one has to win and draw in friends and followers […]

Revised Goals & Agenda

When you have as many goals as I would like to accomplish, you sort of have to be willing to wait for some things.They will come in due time. The Mission’s history book is top priority, and I’m happy to say I’m in the layout stage, and hoping that the pace will quicken; if preparing […]

My Tablet – a Puzzling Toy

About a year ago – maybe a bit more, I had a water filtering system installed by my kitchen sink so I could have pure water to drink and use for cooking, etc. I had mentioned it to a friend, who told her parents. They got the same system install. The company had said that […]

December 20, 2016, What's New! My Tablet Puzzling Toy
The History Book Inspiring Me

Now this might discourage others, for there have been delays. I know already that I will not succeed by the end of December after all. But that doesn’t mean I should throw in the towel and quit. There were just a lot more things happening in 2007, so it took three evenings to write up […]

Another Banquet & Carol Singing

Last Wednesday I was at the banquet I mentioned, sponsored by my client, MHSS. That was very nice, excellent food, carol singing, and then a trivia quiz that was sort of fun. I knew that my friend Linda, who was there too, had never seen the archives, which are in the basement of the building […]

Christmas Preparations

So what part of Christmas preparations keeps you most busy these days? If you have been reading the RoseBouquet a few years (and I’m grateful for all you long-time subscribers!), you will recall that I don’t bother with a lot of decorations or gift-buying or the many hours of baking that some folks put in. […]

November 29, 2016, What's New! Christmas Preparations
Christmas Banquet Invitation

Are you going to Christmas banquets yet? Do you get invited to some banquets out of the blue? I have! I knew I was invited to a client organization’s banquet intended to thank all the volunteers, and also celebrate Christmas together. That happens next week Wednesday evening. But then on Sunday morning, right after church, […]

A Peace Event: Blacks and Mennonites

My ethnicity is Mennonite, and since our earliest history back about the time of the Reformation, we have been known as pacifists.That is, we believe in making peace rather than war. Therefore, rather than making a big patriotic fuss at Remembrance Day events on or around November 11th, our Mennonite Historical Society of Saskatchewan (MHSS) […]

Next Tuesday’s Hospital Procedure

Now, what with next Tuesday’s hospital procedure for which I’m scheduled, I’m not quite certain if I should promise an issue of the RoseBouquet, or say, I’m begging a leave of absence. This is not a big problem in my mind, but my new doctor ordered test/procedure that has to be done in hospital, and […]

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