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Grateful Upon Thinking Back

Do you feel grateful upon thinking back over your life? You may be getting tired of my talk of gardening, so I’ll just mention that things are popping up green all over the garden, and I’m still sowing and planting flowers in this corner or that one. I found just 3 tent caterpillars last night […]

Shirley’s Birthday BBQ

I got a late invitation to my friend Shirley’s Birthday BBQ on Saturday at noon. Well, I got a call on Friday night that Shirley had asked that I be invited too. I had planned a full day of things to do at home, but for Shirley – sure, I’d make time to attend the […]

Insects Spoiling My Happiness

Perhaps you’ve heard? Tent caterpillars are back! I’ve heard about them before, but I don’t think I’ve ever had to deal with them personally. This year I do! You’ll notice that this looks like two American Elms but they have just one root. (I was ready to have it taken down last fall, but it […]

Reviving Exercise Habits

Yes, I’m reviving exercise habits after a winter of sitting too much. All through the winter I’ve noticed that I was gaining a pound or two nearly every week. Just knowing where that can lead got me a bit worried. But all the dieting tricks weren’t helping. That bout with shingles set me back considerably […]


Yay-y! I’m making progress on the History book. I’ll leave it at that for today. I am now in a mood to get the garden ready for seeding this weekend. But I need a rototiller… Social Bookmarking

May 9, 2017, What's New! Progress
Update on My Vision Issues

Here’s an update on my vision issues, for I may have left you hanging a little last week with my piece about “Seeing Things.” Well, I went downtown the next afternoon and waited 2 hours to see the specialist – for all of 5 minutes. He took a look inside my eyeballs and declared that […]

Voxx Socks for Sale

Yes, I’ve signed up so I can say I have Voxx Socks for sale. My welcome kit has not arrived yet, but I can refer you to my replicated site, so you can get to know more about these very beneficial socks, and insoles. Watch the video testimonials, and even order some to try for […]

Minor Notebook Miracle

I had a minor Notebook miracle on Saturday. You may learn from this little story. You may recall that on March 28, I reported a minor camera miracle, in that I was able to find, online, a solution to make the camera recognize the camera memory card so that I could take hundreds of photos […]

A Different AGM

I am the webmaster for another ministry’s website, http://eymi.net, so I had been asked to send in a written report, and to come to their AGM on Sunday afternoon, starting at 4 pm, but stopping in the meeting for a supper. Which was provided, thanks to a couple of the older single men on that […]

April 4, 2017, What's New! A Different AGM

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