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A Speeding Ticket

I suppose I should continue the above saga while it is still fresh, with
another “incident.” We left the Sinclair’s home after breakfast on Sunday and
were only about half an hour away, in Taber, when a police man suddenly waved me
over. For a moment I wasn’t even sure it was a police man.

October 26, 2005, What's New!
Making the Arbour Still Tidier

Sigh)! I would love to rattle off a long string of accomplishments.
Particularly on the Ruthes-SecretRoses.com site. Mainly, I’ve plodded away at
re-touching up all the web pages in the Arbour section. I discovered a little
sub-program called Tidy, in my web design program called Quantra +. Tidy goes
“whist!” and shows me a list of html errors. . .

October 19, 2005, What's New!
Email SENDING Solved!

First off, I ask you to rejoice with me – my email sending problem is solved!
Oh what a relief! My web-mail interfaces have such tiny fonts, they were a
trial to work with, and it involved a lot of extra copy-and-pasting to reply to
emails. Now I can see well, and the spell-checker is working, and I dash off
emails in a fraction of the time.

October 12, 2005, What's New!
Site Renovations Report

Yes, I’m working around my email sending problem, and getting back to my work
routine. Oh, how good that feels! I have really missed my busy work pace on my
many projects over most of September. Who needs holidays when you have work
that you love, right?

September 28, 2005, What's New!
A Large Measure of Peace

A really BIG, arms-thrown-around-you ((((HUG)))) and thank you to those who have written words and prayers of encouragement! What a blessing to know that you stand with me in this “learning-curve” crisis. That has given me a large measure of peace. So instead of fretting, I’m going to work around it, and trust that the solution is going to show up sometime soon!

September 22, 2005, What's New!
Chosen for a Bigger Miracle

I have moments when I’m inclined to think, “Just give me what I’m asking for!” Mostly though, I’m trying to hold out for whatever the larger miracle is that the Lord has in mind for me in all of this.

September 14, 2005, What's New!
Sittin’ Pretty – But with a Sore Spot

Without going into a lot of detail right now, I can report that I can already write in Kate and OpenOffice, which are better and have more features than I had in Mandrake. I can do web design; Quantra + is here with bigger, better
features. I can handle and manipulate photos and graphics in GIMP, which is also bigger and more full-featured than I had before. And my colour printer works!

September 8, 2005, What's New!
Goin’a Sit Pretty with SUSE

Yeah, I’ve had an almost normal work week here at the computer. I finished the ebook I was making for Joanne Lowe, (you’ll get the download link below), and have made some good progress on renovating the Arbour area of the site. In fact, I learned of a public domain photo site, where I could […]

September 1, 2005, What's New!
Jalise & Elise Coming, \0/ and Getting Back to Work

Hallelujah, my Get Acquainted forms are working. Two friends have started answering the questions and I’m learning to know them better. Oh, am I ever glad I got those fixed up. Getting ready for the weekend, being away Friday through Sunday, and again most of Tuesday, means – I haven’t got much progress to report, […]

August 25, 2005, What's New!

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