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My Graphics Work is My Play Time

Yes, I’m still doing reno (make-over) work on my website. But I think I see daylight breaking over the BouquetofEnterprises site. I may get that all done by the end of March. Then I want reassign that hour to promoting that site, and finding good places to advertise.

Just this week I’ve designed a new page header for the Azaleas section of that site. Doing so led to some interesting discoveries in my graphics program called GIMP.

March 22, 2006, What's New!
My Secret for Progress on Many Fronts

More renovation work, or site make-overs. On the Ruthes-SecretRoses.com site I’ve just re-done all the book review pages, and linked them to bookstores to help make it easier to find them.

However, at Christmas my sister-in-law gave me a box full of her old children’s books, and I’ve been reading through them in my “Reading Room.” Now I want to sort through and see which ones to review, and which books might be of enough vintage to see if they’ll sell as collector items. I must say, most of those old books were a treat to read. You’ll be hearing more about them.

March 15, 2006, What's New!
Thinking Creatively and Resourcefully

Still doing make-overs at the web sites. I do feel good about the progress, and hope for a few dull, quiet weeks in which to make some larger strides forward on all fronts. Got some new ideas for the Gifts and Resources section, and am eager to get going on that as well as RoseBouquet Place.

March 8, 2006, What's New!
Make-over Progress & Peppernuts

I can especially see progress on my BouquetofEnterprises.biz site. Several folders or sub-categories on the site have had their make-overs now. I’m nearly done with the one on books; that leaves two others a bit more involved, or three if I decide to keep the auction section.

The make-over of my book review section in the Sharing Library

March 1, 2006, What's New!
A Dad Theme Today

I’d picked up a new mouse on Friday, and it seemed to work on Saturday, but Sunday night – no go! I tired over and over again, and changed settings in Yast, and tried the old mouse again, and no-how would Suse recognize that I even had a mouse attached! I had to get a certain Sunday night email out,

February 22, 2006, What's New!
RoseBouquet Place

Remember my Letter to Jane last week? Well, I’ve developed that into a much longer letter on health and healing and how I understand God’s principles related to this. It has become three long web pages in my new RoseBouquet Place, and has just gone up.

February 15, 2006, What's New!
Printer Woes

Here’s wishing you a great Valentine’s Day next Tuesday, and that you know you are loved. Even if no one else does, you can have underneath you, the everlasting arms of God.

I’ll keep this brief today. I’m slowly making progres

February 8, 2006, What's New!
Helpful Links on the Song Page

More of the same as I’ve been doing. I’m re-dressing the Ruthes-SecretRoses.com site, and the BouquetofEnterprises.biz site, giving each an hour a day, unless it gets pre-empted.

Saturday night I started the renovations on AGodlyInheritance.com in earnest

February 1, 2006, What's New!
Renovations – and Trying a Forum

As I indicated last week, I’m going to do a total revamp of the old RoseBouquet section. I’m also putting all the book reviews into the new template or “look.” In fact, yesterday I finished the first introductory article, and you’ll find it in Ruthe’s Roses below.

On the business site, I fussed and fiddled with designing a new

January 25, 2006, What's New!
Online Devotionals and a Brain Storm of Article Ideas

In my hurry last week, I forgot to tell you about the new daily devotional page that is up.
http://Ruthes-SecretRoses.com/Library/dailyDevotionals.shtml In preparing to produce some of my own devotional books, and or blog or web site, I found that there are a number of great online daily devotionals for Christians.

January 18, 2006, What's New!

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