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Sittin’ Pretty – But with a Sore Spot

Without going into a lot of detail right now, I can report that I can already write in Kate and OpenOffice, which are better and have more features than I had in Mandrake. I can do web design; Quantra + is here with bigger, better
features. I can handle and manipulate photos and graphics in GIMP, which is also bigger and more full-featured than I had before. And my colour printer works!

September 8, 2005, What's New!
Goin’a Sit Pretty with SUSE

Yeah, I’ve had an almost normal work week here at the computer. I finished the ebook I was making for Joanne Lowe, (you’ll get the download link below), and have made some good progress on renovating the Arbour area of the site. In fact, I learned of a public domain photo site, where I could […]

September 1, 2005, What's New!
Jalise & Elise Coming, \0/ and Getting Back to Work

Hallelujah, my Get Acquainted forms are working. Two friends have started answering the questions and I’m learning to know them better. Oh, am I ever glad I got those fixed up. Getting ready for the weekend, being away Friday through Sunday, and again most of Tuesday, means – I haven’t got much progress to report, […]

August 25, 2005, What's New!
I’ll Tell You, if You Tell Me…About Yourself

Okay! It gives me great pleasure to announce that my Get Acquainted forms ARE working on the site. YES! You start from Ruthes-SecretRoses.com/A/Acquainted.shtml. Do not feel obligated to answer all the questions if you think I’m being too nosey. However, I have worked them out from a seminar I once took on the things we […]

August 17, 2005, What's New!
Giddy with Anticipation

I’m still learning about those php forms for my Get Acquainted pages on my site, but I think I latched onto a good pre-written form/script yesterday, and hope that I can still get all four of them functional in the next few days. My heart is really ready to move on to something else. I […]

August 10, 2005, What's New!
Forms & Clients

I did have the first two forms of the Get Acquainted forms in the Arbour section working, but as I started the third one yesterday I spotted a problem. Hunting for the solution, I discovered a notice that explained the probable cause. Best answer was to uninstall the phpformgenerator and install a fresh download. So […]

August 3, 2005, What's New!
Letters to the Future

Have you ever thought of writing letters to your descendants, telling them what is important to you? I think there’s real value in that. I should do more of that. I got a new book review up on the site last week. You’ll find “Canterbury Letters to the Future” by George Carey, Archbishop of Canterbury […]

July 27, 2005, What's New!
Looking for Roses & Garden Photos

I am getting some work done these days. I’ve been cancelling my surfing programs, and setting up to start selling stuff on eBay. I try to work in an hour at renovating the Ruthes-SecretRoses.com site every day, Mon-Friday, and also at developing the intimacy sub-domain with lots of pages related to the themes in my […]

July 20, 2005, What's New!
Book Reviews

‘ve got some book reviews done up. You’ll find them in my Sharing Library at these links; A Prairie Legacy Series, The Measure of a Heart, An Unfading Vision A wee note on the look of the pages. These three have the “new renovated” look that I’m gradually giving this whole site this year. If […]

July 13, 2005, What's New!
Creating Ease in My Day

My renovations of this site, Ruthes-SecretRoses.com, is coming along, slow but sure. I’m hoping later today to finish off the last of the pages in the rsr/ folder with the new look. Then I must move into the A/ (Arbour) section. I KNOW that my “Get Acquainted” forms are not working! Last week I heard […]

July 6, 2005, What's New!

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