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My Christmas Story and Letter is Ready!

I’m really grateful to those who have written and called to say they have enjoyed reading my gift e-book, 13 Meditations for Christmas. That’s what it was meant to do, give you pleasure. You may also freely pass this gift along to other friends. Simply send them an email to tell them about it, with this link; http://Ruthes-SecretRoses.com/Library/ebks/C/13-Meditations.zip

I’ve got another gift ready for you this week. Minding my tight budget,

December 7, 2005, What's New!
13 Christmas Meditations – as my Gift to You

My gift e-book, 13 Christmas Meditations, is ready for your Advent reading. A gift from me to you. I had the devotionals written and ready last year, but didn’t get to formating them into an e-book. Now I’ve got that done, and also prepared a print version, which I’ll make into little booklets for friends who still won’t touch a computer. I can’t ignore them just because they are not on the internet planet, can I?

November 30, 2005, What's New!
Things I’m Thankful For…

Have you got a special story of unusual blessings? I’d love to hear it.

As you may recall, here in Canada we already celebrated Thanksgiving Day in October, but that won’t stop me. I have a number of MORE blessings to count;

November 23, 2005, What's New!
The Things I’ve Not Lost

My apologies for being a day late. I thought I had everything restored and set up to work smoothly last Friday, but had made a mistake, so my computer system crashed again this week Tuesday morning. This time I believe I have it right. At last!

But hey, I’m grateful that I didn’t get too many days’ work done before this crash on Tues/Wed. I DID get two publications completed and sent off after midnight on . . .

November 10, 2005, What's New!
Damage to My Castle!

Long-time readers will recall that last fall I raved about Mandrake, my Candy-store of a new computer operating system, instead of Windows 98. This fall, in September, I was going on and on about my new Castle, SuSE, which I had installed instead. Much bigger, better, everything, except that I had that email sending problem for a few weeks, and had to figure out how to set up some things. Well the email glitches were fixed, and I just had a few more things to work out – but I’d already got quite comfortable and busy in my pretty Castle.

November 2, 2005, What's New!
A Speeding Ticket

I suppose I should continue the above saga while it is still fresh, with
another “incident.” We left the Sinclair’s home after breakfast on Sunday and
were only about half an hour away, in Taber, when a police man suddenly waved me
over. For a moment I wasn’t even sure it was a police man.

October 26, 2005, What's New!
Making the Arbour Still Tidier

Sigh)! I would love to rattle off a long string of accomplishments.
Particularly on the Ruthes-SecretRoses.com site. Mainly, I’ve plodded away at
re-touching up all the web pages in the Arbour section. I discovered a little
sub-program called Tidy, in my web design program called Quantra +. Tidy goes
“whist!” and shows me a list of html errors. . .

October 19, 2005, What's New!
Email SENDING Solved!

First off, I ask you to rejoice with me – my email sending problem is solved!
Oh what a relief! My web-mail interfaces have such tiny fonts, they were a
trial to work with, and it involved a lot of extra copy-and-pasting to reply to
emails. Now I can see well, and the spell-checker is working, and I dash off
emails in a fraction of the time.

October 12, 2005, What's New!

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