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Change Your Food Combinations

I’m discovering that to change your food combinations can make a huge difference with niggling health issues. For months I’ve been having a problem with itchy ankles and just about any place where elastic bands chaff on my skin.

But recently I’ve been trying out more faithfully some advice from Sherry Brescia about not eating certain foods together. You can still eat most of what you like, but some foods don’t digest well together and that causes health issues. Lots of ’em!

So here are the most basic tips, fairly easy to remember;
1. Don’t eat starches such as rice or potatoes, or pastas with meats. Instead eat other vegetables with meats.
2. Don’t eat vegetables and fruits at the same time; eat fruits alone, 2-3 hours after your vegetable meal.
3. Grains and pastas and the light, water-based vegetables go together well.

So I’m inventing new combinations. Last night I had pasta (with cheese) and a pan full of fried onions with some herbs and spices, and ketchup. It turned out to be a tasty meal. I do have some lists from Sherry’s books, otherwise, I might feel a bit stumped about what goes and what doesn’t, but it seems to be working for me!

Fantastic remedy – no extra cost!

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