“The RoseBouquet”

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“The RoseBouquet”

Christmas Week Accomplishments

Yes, despite the car troubles I did have some Christmas week accomplishments. Not everything I’d hoped to get done, but I take heart from the progress I did make. It just means I’m still doing some of those things this week.

But hey, thanks for letting me have last week off from writing the RoseBouquet; I needed it!

Let’s see… I reviewed my goals and plans for the beginning of last year, and saw that the one project, – the book – took over my life, so that it was accomplished, but all the other goals are now my focus for this year. This will be the year of developing my online business ventures. If I throw myself as heartily into them as I did the book – guess what will happen! 🙂

I had two main projects to finish off for the mission and that would free up more of my week to be dedicated to business only. Well, the photo Albums are done and the graphics for the labels on the front and the spines of the white binders are done, except that my printer is not printing colours accurately, so I think I’ll ask the office to print those pages again and we’ll fix that right there and then.

But there is still the Stobbe Era album to create, and since I was the main one to take photos at the events from 1999 onward, I already have most of those photos on my computer. I’m hoping this will come together quickly. Of course, until I get into it a while I won’t be able to estimate the full time required. However, I’m setting aside Saturday evenings for that project.

The other big project was to format all the Minutes and Reports for the whole 76 years of the mission, then to print them out and provide a neat, compact set of all these minutes printed and bound, and also on a DVD for digital copy whenever the new Director or staff would wish to do so. I need to add and format the reports from the last 3 years to the decades document and I need to print out the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s and 2010s yet tonight. The Source Documents file had errors that I discovered last night when trying to print it. So I hope to fix those tonight too, – if the evening is long enough. I may need an hour or two on another night to get the cerlox binding done.The DVD will only take a few minutes to burn. Therefore, I hope to get that all wrapped up tonight, or by the end of the week – for sure!

If I can, I’d like to finish the updating of my Password Binder pages this week too, tho’ that may edge into next week.Then I’ll start outlining the various kinds of content I want to write and put on my several blogs and sites, especially the self-branding stuff. Business can be my main focus after that for my days, Monday through Friday, and most of my evenings.

Whoopee! New adventures are around the corner!

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