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Cooking for Sunday Company

Do you hesitate to invite guests home with you from church on Sunday? A lot of folks go to eat out, but I think that’s too expensive. I wanted to invited a friend over for a birthday lunch this last weekend, and I had just recently tried a new crockpot recipe that I enjoyed. So I did it again. It worked out perfectly.

Before I left for church, I put a large chicken breast in the crockpot, on a handful of diced onion. I sliced up a few raw, scraped carrots, and then also peeled and quartered a few potatoes, and tossed them on top. Then I opened a can of cream of chicken soup, and spooned it over the breast and vegetables. I put water in the can enough to rinse it and poured that water over the whole heap. A pinch or two of dried summer savoury from my garden, sprinkled over the top and I just had to put the lid on, and turn on the crockpot.

That was before 9 am. I returned with my guest about 12:45 pm. and the house smelled wonderful. I just had to set the table and put the kettle on for tea.

The best part is that you can switch just about any other meat for the chicken breast, and add any other vegetables you have on hand. Another flavour of a canned creamed soup will do too. You can do this many times over, always differently and it will be a long time before you find you are repeating any previous recipe exactly. Unless you want to.

You can practice hospitality at any time with very little bother. What’s more, your guest will appreciate being invited into your home, and that your conversations can be much more personal than they might be in a restaurant. No stranger-distractions either.

Besides, an extra cut of meat in your grocery budget will cost less than restaurant meals for two or more.

Oh, as for dessert… we had a watermelon from my garden. Then for a light afternoon meal before I took her home, I just cooked some rice in one pot, and at the same time in another small saucepan, melted 2 baker’s chocolate squares, with some peanut butter, and stewed dates, and a handful of cut almonds, and some yogurt. As soon as the rice was done, I spooned some into my large red cereal bowls, and then spooned over the chocolate sauce! Oh my, YUM! It was quite filling too.

I’m now considering how to adapt that thrown-together recipe for a salad to take to a potluck event at church. What about using a little more rice, and adding a handful or two of rice crispies and some cut up fruit?

See? Cooking for company is not nearly as hard as we thought!

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