“The RoseBouquet”

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“The RoseBouquet”

Crash! Bang! Kerfuffle!

I was starting my evening work at the computer last night, when suddenly – Crash! Bang! Kerfuffle!

For a minute I sat perfectly still, wondering what that was. Then I got up went to check the pantry because the ceiling has fallen down there before (shouldn’t do it again; as there is new gyproc up there, but the bread box on the freezer sometimes has it’s door fall open, which scatters empty pails and other things to the floor. Nothing wrong there.

I checked the kitchen as I came back through it, then the bathroom. I didn’t think there could be any active creature in the basement, but I opened the door gingerly.

plaster dumped on basement stairs

Oh yuk! Clouds of plaster dust choked me. Chunks of the stairwell ceiling had fallen on the stairs. I couldn’t even think of cleaning that up right away. I shut the door and had to drink quite a bit of water until the chalky dust in my mouth and throat cleared up.

There are some Tuesday mornings I have to sit and think for a while before I know what to write about here – concerning “At My Place.” Today I knew I had to share this SURPRISE with you!

looking from the landing down to the basement floor

I’ve just taken some photos as I fear my words will not be so explicit without them. Sometime later today I will have to sweep that stuff up and carry it out, but my willpower is weak.

I was ready to start here with the first few photos, and then realized I should go back and look at the ceiling – with a large flashlight, of course. Ah, I knew some of that old style plaster (on lathes) had crumbled and fallen down before, but now there is not much left up there any more.

close up of the plaster mess on the stairs

That brown rectangle in the middle is the trapdoor by which one can go up to the attic full of blown insulation. (Not that I have the nerve to go there!) My cousin Gary has been up there, and is just slim enough to pull himself up through that hole.

looking up at stairwell ceiling with flashlight

Now I know that when he can spare some time, I’ll have to ask him to bring down the last of that plaster, and to put up a sheet of gyproc for all but the trapdoor.

I believe there are some mice living up in the attic, as sometimes I hear them above the bathroom ceiling. They may have seriously discussed moving last night, but I hope that doesn’t mean they want to live on MY level here! I’ll have to set more traps again.

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