“The RoseBouquet”

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“The RoseBouquet”

Dealing with Maple Bugs, etc.

Are you dealing with maple bugs, etc., trying to get into your house this fall? Me too. There are some natural remedies that work to a degree. You might want to try several of these ideas:

Cinnamon keeps mosquitoes away, and cinnamon oil attracts other insects, so you can use it as a trap.

Mint! Insects do not like the smell of mint in any form, so even if you don’t have mint plants around your house, you can splash mint mouth wash where they want to come in, like your threshold, or window sills, and they will back away.

If you have a garden, grow garlic, mint and rosemary plants.

Don’t wear perfumes, and drink lots of water. (Somehow insects are attracted to creatures that seem dried out).

Hang up flypaper – flytraps, or put out little dishes of soapy water – they work as traps too.

Grow catnip (it’s an herb) and rub some of the crushed leaves on your skin. The insects will trot away as fast as their little legs can go, but the kitties and cats will come to sniff you out!

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