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Dealing with Spam Emails

We all hate dealing with spam emails, don’t we? Do you just delete and sigh, or think angry thoughts at the senders?

For years I used to carefully create a filter for every bad email so that I would never see another one from that source, but about a year or two ago, they were coming in with such a flood, particularly to one business email that I had listed with certain businesses, and one in particular I knew was careless about exposing customer/member emails, so I didn’t just want to replace it, as I have often done, until I could fix a certain area where I had to pay privacy protection for my various domain registrations. Then I will get rid of that email and reduce my daily flow by about 25-30 at a time!

Meantime I must take time to go to each site where I registered with this one email address, and change my email to a new one. This is time-consuming. Yet I hope to clear it up soon. Right now, I let them come in first, and I highlight all the spam ones – EVEN IF the subject lines intrigue me! I refuse to buy or do business with anyone who reaches out via spam. I would rather do a search and find the right websites on my own. When I’ve highlighted all the ones I feel are spam I hit the delete key. Pouf, all gone!

On the other hand, I just an interesting experience. Yesterday I got an email from a name that I recognized as a relative. Her home email has been compromised and I have received spam with that name as the sender, but those are usually empty in the body. This time it looked quite formal and came from the Cancer Dept. at the University here in our city. It did not sell anything, but talked of certain reports. They didn’t have anything to do with me. So I did something I rarely ever do; I wrote back and said, I think you intended this for someone else. I don’t recognize these medical reports has having anything to do with me.

Today I got a reply back, apologizing to me. She mentioned that we were related, and somehow her home mailing list had got into her list at her job at the Cancer Clinic. She didn’t catch it because she has a co-worker also named Ruth.

Well, I do recognize her as a second cousin, but the last time I saw her in person was when Dad and I drove down to Swift Current for her Dad’s funeral, back in the 1990s or earlier! (Her Dad was an artist. I saw one huge painting he did of horses stampeding and I could just taste the dust in my mouth that they stirred up in that picture! It was very realistic).

The advantage of having domain websites is that I can go into the cPanel and create as many new emails as I think I can handle. I have easily 2 dozen addresses, but I use them carefully to file incoming emails to just those related to that site or topic.

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