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“The RoseBouquet”

Discovering My Errors

This past week has been about discovering my errors. But I’m glad for that! I’d rather discover them now and have a chance to fix them before the books are printed for the public.

Last week Monday, Laureen, one woman who used to work in our mission for 20 years (she has now been with NCEM, another mission for 25 years) – came to pick up her copy. I was glad to meet her, and she was looking forward to reading the book as well.

On Sunday night she called to ask if she could come this Monday again, bring her lunch, and we could go through my stash of photos of unidentified people. She pointed out that I had the wrong photos for several people. Other than that she’d found no errors except some stray hyphens.

Well, those hyphens are easy to fix, but those photos! Let’s get them right!

Some others came to pickup their copy, so now I have just a few left. On Friday one woman who had been away most of the week, emailed, and agreed to come pick up her copy. That evening she phoned to say I had used the wrong photo for her! Wow!

On Wednesday I went to two different printing companies to ask for quotes. Each one said that they would like to start mid-September if they were to have our order ready in time for our Celebration event in October. That means I MUST get this People Index finished – like yesterday already! And the cover designed… because this coming long weekend I need all those books back – with the corrections to make, so that next week and the week after I deal with those errors.

One couple has emailed to say they found NONE. That’s great, but some have been finding the odd typo, and sorting out these photos of past workers in the mission is a top priority for me.

Besides that, I’ve spotted some places where I can polish and improve the book some more. So…(sigh!) I’m still on my intensive work-pace.

Some might feel devastated to learn they have made some errors. Not me. I prefer to be discovering my errors NOW. While I can still fix them!

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