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Experimenting with Lotions

How about experimenting with lotions to see which ones work best for you, and which ones turn you off?

Am I the only one, or do you also get gifts of lotions – more than you know what to do with?

Yes, I’ve received – oh, maybe a dozen bottles of lotion over a number of years. If they have a strong scent I usually push them into the background, or even out if sight.

Years ago, a woman in the Neuanlage church gave me a little tin tub filled with toiletries as a Christmas gift. It came out of the blue as I had not had much contact with her. But in that bundle was a bottle of Honey & Nut lotion. It was rather thick stuff – it didn’t like to pour, and the scent was just subtle enough that I really liked it. A soft blend of honey, almond and vanilla. When I finished that lotion, which I used sparingly, I actually found myself in the stores hunting for that particular lotion again.

Confession: sometimes I’ve spread some on my throat and under my ears before I go out so I can walk around in my own little cloud of “I’m feelin’ quite pretty today!”

Anyway… back to my current experiments. The cold weather we’ve been having makes for a very dry air. Especially if my furnace is making extra cycles to keep the house warm. So when I started having an itch here and there, I decided that this was not hives or shingles this time, but simply dry skin. Glancing around I saw that I have 3 or 4 bottles of lotion standing around the bathroom – quite neglected, and another batch in the bedroom. So, why not try to use them up? (I haven’t the heart to throw them out as that would be wasteful).

As soon as I have an itch, I grab the nearest lotion bottle and slather the area generously. Last night I noticed that my toenails were rather dry and brittle and the skin felt scaly; I soused them good with lotion! Ah, that felt better!

Then as I lay down for the night I got to thinking… with this variety of lotions, I’m making some observations.

The one with the brown sugar in the name is super sweet and okay at first. After a while that scent gets in the way in my nostrils and mind. On the other hand, there’s one with lime in the name and on the bottle; it smells intriguing at first, as if I’m trying to identify what all in there besides lime? It slathers on runny, and the scent lingers longer than any of the others.

An Avon lotion has cucumber and melon in it. That’s an interesting scent at first, then I find myself glancing toward the kitchen, wondering if I’ve left any food out on the counter.

The lavender is nice and milky, (I have to be careful that I don’t spill it when I tip the bottle), but I find myself wondering if the flower really smells like this lotion, for it makes my mind sort’a cramp up as if it is trying hard to remember something. I’m still not quite sure what it reminds me of. Maybe Gra’ma’s old wardrobe closet when I was cleaning that up, although she never had luxuries like lotions. In fact, she was allergic to most dish washing detergents, and wore rubber gloves a lot.

The tube of Oatmeal lotion from Dollarama is thicker like the Honey & Nuts. It has hardly any scent at all. I think I’d buy that one.

My experiment with lotions is not over yet. I’m determined to live with the scents while I USE UP a lot of these extras, and define more clearly what kind of lotion I like best of all.

Oh, I should order the one from Forever Living. I have a small sample sachet and it seems quite lovely. Ah-but, I better hold off until I’ve cleared out all these other free samples.

So now I’m curious: do you have a favourite lotion? Do you know why?

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