“The RoseBouquet”

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“The RoseBouquet”

Fill Your Life with the Important Things First

If you are also organizing your life to be more … whatever, productive, or enriched with quality friendships, etc., you may want to see this illustration which helps to know how to get the most into your life.

an empty jar to represent your life - starting over

Imagine an empty quart jar to represent your life. At least, if you want to start over, you will want to empty it of whatever it may be holding now. Then you need to consider your top priorities for your future and what you need in your life to move towards your goals. Therefore, to illustrate you would first put into the jar some large stones or balls. You may only be able to put in 4 or 5 at the most.

But you may have some smaller goals and priorities.They can still fit into your jar, or your life, as they will fit into the gaps left by your rocks.

Your jar looks quite full at this point, right?

Ah, but if you put in some sand… that would represent the small habits for your health and personal care. Even exercise plans. If you work carefully you can pour those into the gaps between the gravel.

Have you forgotten anything? No room left, eh? Ah, but you need a grateful, thankful heart and a thoughtfulness of others. How to add this?

Easy. Pour some water into the jar and it will find little gaps and soak up the sand. Soon it will permeate your whole jar. Just as gratitude and kindness should permeate your whole life. Simply saturate it!

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