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“The RoseBouquet”

Gift Exchanges

Have gift exchanges started happening in your life already? I thought I still had two weeks to get ready.

Then yesterday, Rita, my neighbour who goes walking with me around a few blocks about twice a week, called to say she had a gift ready for me. I was pretty sure it would be baking, as that has absorbed her attention and time of late. So I scrambled to prepare a little package of my peppernuts and what was suppose to be Ammonia cookies. (I didn’t have enough time to go hunting for the baking ammonia so I substituted baking powder. I iced them with cream cheese and had a nice platter ready for our Pot Luck Christmas meal at church on Sunday).

I got ready just before Rita got to the door. But she’d forgotten to bring my gift. I assured her it was no problem, but she came around again about 4:30 and brought me a bright red tin of her Cinnamon twists.

a few left of the cinnamon twists - yummy!

Okay, I confess, they were so good I got them all finished well before bedtime last night! I did pause to take a photo before they were all gone.

I need to go out this afternoon for a planning meeting, and hope I can get in a bit of gift-shopping time after that.

However, I took a peek into my gift cupboard behind my bedroom door this morning and behold – I have quite a number of gifts ready there that I’d forgotten about. I’ll need to do a thorough cleaning in that cupboard on Saturday like I did this last one in the bathroom, and see what discoveries I might make there.

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