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Hosting a Wee Birthday Party

I’ve just been prowling around looking for my camera. I know I used it on Saturday evening after we finished our birthday supper for a friend. I wondered if one of the photos I took would be suitable, and yet give my friend privacy… But the camera seemed to have disappeared.

Finally, I spotted it on a book-shelf – in plain sight!

(No, none of the photos would work, so we’ll have to stick to word-pictures).

I had not seen this friend in-person since the first week in March. We talked on the phone and agreed that it would be safe to get together for her birthday. I offered to have it here at my place, but since my dining table only seats 4, I would only be able to invite two others besides the birthday lady. One friend I’d invited called to beg off as she was moving from one floor in her apartment building to another, and she HAD to be out of the first one on Saturday. She is not in good health (suffering a lot of pain), so this move was not easy for her.

I invited my friend Rita, who lives nearby and who had me over to her place for a Birthday lunch, right on my birthday. I felt it was time to invite her over and she knew the other two people at the table.

I was still busy most evenings, right after supper, in cleaning up the garden, but I decided last Tuesday evening, that if I was going to host this party, I better spend my free moments cleaning up the house and preparing for the party.

First priority was clearing space in the pantry, so over several early evening hours and Saturday morning I cleaned and re-organized shelves along two walls in the pantry, and also on the floor underneath these shelf areas, so that I could move several open work projects in the dining/living/cum office room – out of the way to the pantry.

About noon I put the chicken and scalloped potatoes into the crockpot. So that needed no more attention all afternoon.

I’d made the pumpkin cream cheese Torte the night before, so I would just need to make the cream cheese topping before the guests arrived.

Oh, and the salad, for which I ran out to the garden and picked the freshest leaves of the swiss chard which had sprouted new leaves in the last few days. I used my tomatoes that had ripened inside, and made a quick salad out of that.

By 5 pm I was getting physically exhausted, but managed to get myself cleaned up and changed, and got the dessert topping made – and at the last moment remembered where I had stashed some birthday candles. I got out a step-ladder and found them, and presto – I was ready when Rita arrived, and shortly after the other two guests. We were able to start supper at 6 pm just as arranged.

After 8 pm when we’d had the lovely dessert, and taken photos, the guests left.

I wasn’t sure my back would allow me to stand and do dishes yet, but I managed to clear the table, and decided to go the extra distance and wash up the dishes. Now Sunday could be truly a day of rest when I got home from church. And it was!

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