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“The RoseBouquet”

How to Choose a Good Book

Do you have trouble choosing a good book when in a bookstore or library? You really need time to sample each one before you decide? Well, Suzanne Beecher has that all worked out for you. I can’t remember how many years I’ve belonged to her Dear Reader Book clubs by email, but I’ve enjoyed them a long time, but I usually forget to rave about this.

If you go to her site, http://www.dearreader.com/ You can choose to sign up for any number of her 12 specific genre book clubs. I’ve signed up for Good News, which is the inspirational category, sometimes fiction and sometimes it is non-fiction. The point is that every day,. Monday through Friday, you receive in an email a short chatty piece by Suzanne or sometimes one of her author friends, and then a five-minute read from the book of the week. By Friday you have read about 35 pages of that book, and you will know whether you’d like to go buy it or ask at your library for it, or you’ll forget it. If some week you decide early on that you don’t care for that book, just delete the emails.

However, Suzanne has gained many friends over the years. 100s of thousands are signed up for these book clubs and often they can’t resist at least reading her own little entry near the top. Sometimes it is about her cats, or recipes as she loves to bake and cook. She also sends out chocolate chip cookies to some reader each month! She chats about her grandchildren, and the fun she has with passersby when she plays with her bubble machine.

You’ll soon think of Suzanne as a dear personal friend.

Since Suzanne has arrangements with all the major publishers, the chances of reading the first chapter or two of a new book, just before it is available to the public are really good. So when you go shopping for books, you can point out to your friends or family, “Oh, I know that’s a good book! You’d like that one…” or, “That one looks serious, but it has a light writing style.”

By the way, she also has a forum where you can interact with the authors. I don’t have time for that, but many love it.

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