“The RoseBouquet”

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“The RoseBouquet”

If I Sound a Bit Hurried –

If I sound a bit hurried today, it is because I have a full agenda with extra events to attend.

Am I ever thankful that my health has improved considerably over the weekend, and I feel more up to my usual strength and energy.

On Saturday I did feel a little “off” and had a new itch start on the side of my stomach, so I was a little fearful of a fresh attack of shingles, but that night as I finished a book in the bathroom that recommended how to pray so that we could restore the peace of Christ in our lives, I put my hand on that spot, prayed, and sure enough I began to believe that His peace would come. In a matter of moments that itch stopped and has not been back.

But I think I rather forgot all day that on Friday I’d made myself a pot of rather potent herbal tea, mixing 3 strong ones in the tea ball, and I had drunk all of that tea. On Sunday morning it cleansed me quite thoroughly! And voila! I felt a lot better. In fact, all through Sunday I felt bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, as my Dad used to say. (Well, so did my pen pal Mama Rosa, who got to be 101).

Anyway, I feel more like myself, and I know what tea to drink if those shingles should try to come back.

I have a Missions Committee meeting over lunch today, so I’m hoping to be done here by 11:30 am. I’ll be representing my church, out of a group of four that go together to plan a combined Missions Conference in October. it includes a banquet and rally at our church.

After that meeting I hope to make it a funeral for Abe Zacharias at 2 pm.

Although he lived here in Saskatoon, I heard about it on Saturday night through another (email) pen pal, one of Mom’s cousins in BC. Abe’s wife Anne, was one of Mom’s cousins, and when she died a couple of years ago, I did not hear about it until some weeks after the funeral. So I thought I would take time to attend this one and see my second cousins, Gloria and Valerie again. I think I may recognize them; but it’s been so long!

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