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“The RoseBouquet”

If You are Asked to Become a Board Member

What if you are asked to become a Board member of some charity or organization? What should you say?

First of all, don’t say “Yes,” or “No,” too fast. Ask questions and research the organization first.

What kind or organization it is – what is their purpose?
Do you agree with their goals and methods?
Do they seem to be accomplishing worthy things, or are they mostly treading the hamster wheel?
What work would you be expected to do?
Or, is that a Board that just brainstorms and tells stories; all you have to do is attend a few meetings?
Is there eternal value in what that Board does?

It is probably not good to be on too many Boards at the same time. it may tickle your pride to inform others of your roles and Board involvements, but there is a real danger that you will favour one over another, and the other one will get short shift from you.

You will make the best Board member if you are punctual and faithful to attend meetings, and you take part in the deliberations and decisions. The reason Board members are needed is to provide sensible wisdom based on your knowledge and experience. That doesn’t mean you have to have a lot of degrees after your name. Just good common sense, and an ability to discern between good and bad ethical decisions, and knowing where to go ask when options need to be searched out.

The government rules (in Canada at least) do not allow you to be paid for being a Director. So your benefits are not tangible but it is a way to serve God and fellow man. Depending on your motives, and if you are a Believer, you will be handsomely rewarded in Heaven.

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