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“The RoseBouquet”

I’m Selling Voxx Socks & Insoles!

Yes, I got my welcome kit, and though I missed a group meeting online last Wednesday I got to listen to a recording of it. So I can give you a link to go see and even order socks right now.

But I need to tell you that the company has been growing by such leaps and bounds since last July that they are freezing the site from midnight this Saturday, April 28, to May 6 when it will open up again, but be much more powerful and ready to meet the demand that is coming in globally. Voxx Life is not a year old, yet has doubled and tripled in sales a number of times!


The benefits are instant, safe, legal, and drug-free! They enhance your physical performance and wellness. It is all done by copyrighted weaving in the socks at the pressure points that a reflexologist would work on to improve your health. Only now you can have that kind of massage all the time you are wearing the socks, (or insoles), and you only have to pay for them once. No repeat appointment fees.

Mind you, not that you need to give up your Reflexologist, as I’m sure they can do extra and most specific good for you. But here the basic pressure point buttons are working while you stand or walk in your footwear! How special is that!?

my own Voxx Socks

About six weeks ago, while dealing with my shingles and discovering that the deeper nerve pain was neuralgia, I first learned about these Voxx Socks. I followed my contact’s links and explored the videos. Hmm! Impressive! I thought. Since the price wasn’t too bad, I order a pair of the white no-show socks. That is they don’t show above a normal shoe. So the only help is in the feet. They were delivered by FedEx in just three days, and I’ve been wearing them every day since then, except Saturdays when they are in my laundry, being washed and dried.

I can’t report any personal dramatic miracles. (I think the apple cider vinegar drinks, and herbal teas I made helped clear up the shingles). But I do feel more alert and energetic, and a general well-being that is quite welcome!

So, I decided to sign up to sell the Voxx Life socks too. This Canadian company, Voxx Life, has only been selling these products since July of last year. So not even a whole year in business, and sales are booming. In fact, the first week of May they are shutting down their website to build it bigger and larger – just so they can handle the sales that are coming from from around the globe! So the shopping cart will be closed until May 6.

If you are quick though – you can still place an order from today through April 29. If that’s too soon for you, just wait until the week after next. (I believe you’ll still be able to SEE the socks and insoles, just not order them next week).

new pair of sample Voxx socks

In the meantime, I’ve ordered a few so I can fill orders placed with me in person. Otherwise, I suggest you click this link for my coded shopping cart and BOOKMARK it. VoxxLife.com Then you can place your orders directly.

You can also go see their testimonial videos on the Vimeo site. VoxxLife.com/?page_id=3675″ I see there that athletes and seniors are taking to them like goldfish to water. They are seeing improvements in balance, stability, power, stamina, reaction time, pain relief, energy, recovery time, and posture.

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