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“The RoseBouquet”

Insects Spoiling My Happiness

two American Elms with one root

Perhaps you’ve heard? Tent caterpillars are back! I’ve heard about them before, but I don’t think I’ve ever had to deal with them personally. This year I do!

You’ll notice that this looks like two American Elms but they have just one root. (I was ready to have it taken down last fall, but it didn’t happen). Well, it is infested with these short black tent caterpillars.

closeup of thermometer crawling with tent caterpillars

Here you can see them better with this closeup of my big thermometer attached to the tree. They crawl all around the face. (In the evenings apparently, they come together and spin these little white tents out of sticky threads that seem to come out of them. I read that unless the right predators come along, an infestation can last 7 years! Yikes!

notice denuded tree trunks to left

If you look way- w-a-y up, you’ll see that the 2 trunks on the left are already denuded of their leaves.

I also have to look before I reach to pick up a garden tool, because often they are crawling all over there too!

Yesterday I tried spraying them with a bottle of water, vinegar and cinnamon, but the sprayer stopped working. I’ve got my ears peeled for any other non-chemical approach to getting rid of them.

Got any advice?

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