“The RoseBouquet”

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“The RoseBouquet”

It’s Promo Day!

Last week, while waiting for a final decision from the Executive Committee of our mission Board, I polished up a 6 page sales letter, and also prepared a webpage version. I sent the committee each improvement. One man thought I should go ahead, but I do understand working under my authority figures, so I waited, and finally called the new Director mid-afternoon. He asked me some questions to confirm the best options, and then simply made an Executive decision – Go ahead!

So I got the webpage online, complete with three payment options.

Then I spent the evening continuing on the final edit/polishing of the book so it is ready for the printer at the end of this week, or Monday morning at the latest! We’re getting there; I just don’t know yet whether I’ll be still polishing it over the weekend.

Anyway, I want to try out my first promotional material right here, and when this RoseBouquet is published, get that out on two other email lists that belong to the mission.

Then, this afternoon, when Linda is here, we’ll work some more on tracking down people that we believe will be interested, but we have to hunt down their email or mailing address first. Most of this detective work we can do online, but sometimes, if we have a clue as to who else might know them, we’ll try to contact them first.

I’m also planning to print out letters for the old Reflections mailing list – hopefully at the office tomorrow. Plus, my own Penpal list. – Hey, if you are a close friend of mine, you may find that you will get this coming at you from several directions. Please don’t take offense from that. I’m just trying to be very thorough in getting this news about placing advance orders for the book, and committing as to whether you can be at our Big Celebration Event on October 13, at 7 pm. at Erindale Alliance Church here in Saskatoon. It will be a Music/Dessert evening, with the Foster family providing music, Kurt will interview me about the book and our history, and Michael, our new Director will talk about the directions our mission is going. Then everyone can go fill a plate from the Desserts smorgasbord, and sit down to visit.

Those who have ordered their book(s) in advance, will be able to pick them up, and those who were not so swift can buy theirs but at full price!

I tell you, I keep visualizing that evening as a great homecoming! I’ve talked to some people now on the phone, and they are eager to be there. The one lady worked for Mr. Rice 47 years ago. She’s planning to drive up to Saskatoon for that evening.

On Friday afternoon I called Helen Peters, the woman who introduced our founder, Mr. Elliott to tract ministry, so really she was the spark behind the birth of Western Tract Mission. It turns out that she is 91, has perfect 20/20 vision, and only just recently gave up her car. When she asked about me, and learned my Mom’s name, she said, “Oh I knew Kroeker’s Liesz!” Then she asked if I knew Dr. Wilkins, in Warman. I told her that he had delivered me. When I told her the year, she said, “Oh, I probably helped to deliver you, as I worked there as a nurse’s assistant before I went to the mission field.”

She had inherited a gift for languages from her Dad who was a welder in Hague, my hometown, and she spent 36 years in Zambia, and learned 6 languages there! She has also gone back 5-6 times for short missions terms. Whoa! I said, “Helen, I look forward to meeting you!”

I promised to arrange a ride for her so she can be at the celebration on Oct. 13.

Do you see why I’m eager to get as many people as I can find who have had any connection with Western Tract Mission to come to that event? Just imagine the hugs and greetings between people who have not seen each other for many decades!

Okay, let me try out my sales pitch on you….[See next post: Advance Orders at near Cost-price ]

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