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“The RoseBouquet”

Learn Self-Publishing by Doing

It is always fun to visualize one’s self as an author of a finished book. However, I recommend you learn self-publishing by doing it.

Last night, while collating, I recalled that years ago, when I moved home to care for my parents, I had vivid dreams of writing books. Somehow I knew that to become really good at it I would need to start small and make all my mistakes on small projects that most people would never hear about, but learning from ‘doing’ was going to be my way to become really good at writing and self-publishing books.

I still have some copies of How to Write Fascinating Personal Letters if you should want a copy. I’m all out now of the family history book, A Godly Inheritance, but I still have some copies of Grandpa’s Stories. It’s not that I highly recommend them, but if you need to see how I learned by doing, you might see that from these books. Let me know if you are really interested. I might arrange to send you one if you cover the postage.

This new book, Workers Together with God, is much more modern and professional looking by comparison. It has an innovative layout plan that I’ve never seen before. (Though my Cousin Karin told me on the phone yesterday that she has). Even in just the self-published stage for the proof-readers, fact-checkers and reviewers this book has lots more class. That’s not counting the excellent content!

I’ll let you know next week what it will cost to order in advance.

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