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Learning About Green Tea

I’ve been learning about green tea this last week or so. I’m getting more excited about it at every turn.

You may recall that I like to make my own herbal teas with mint and other herbs in my garden. Sometimes I buy those little bags of herbs at the health food store so I can mix them according to their benefits. Well, when my ESL student came back from China at the end of summer she gave me a gift of a sealed foil bag about the size of a quart jar, full of dried green tea from her home town in China. Of course, I tried it out. However, since I could not understand the Chinese characters on the bag, I had to guess at how much to put into my tea-ball for the teapot. About a tablespoon or more looked good.

It tasted pleasant enough, but I didn’t notice anything dramatic in myself, so it because just one of my tea choices in my cupboards. Then I happened to read last week that green tea is good for reducing fat, and bowel gas.

Well, my tummy has been getting in my way – and pinched – when I stoop to put on my boots, or to vacuum, etc. I’ve been thinking I need to do something about it before it grows out of hand. So I decided I would try green tea for a few days and watch to see how much it helped. Since I’d just bought a little baggie of Blessed Thistle (dried herb), and that is suppose to help with bowel and weight conditions too, I topped off my tea-ball with some of that. A squirt of honey into the teapot, and… at the last minute I sprinkled in some powdered ginger and turmeric too.

I had a tall mug of this tea late in the evening, 11 pm or later, and thought it tasted pretty good. At bedtime I put the rest of the tea into a jar and into the fridge.

The next morning, as soon as I put my feet out of bed, I had to hurry to the bathroom. Well, I told myself. I must’ve lost at least a pound or two there! I felt fine, and was busy all day Saturday, going down my to-do list and was able to check everything off. I drank some of the fridge tea cold throughout the day, and in the evening made another pot full to have hot. Again, at bedtime I put the leftover tea into the fridge. (Just trying not to be wasteful).

Just after church I had a chat with another Chinese woman, who is a nurse. We got to talking about green tea and she laughed when I told her of my experience. Aiesha said, “That’s why we take green tea, to lose weight. How often do you see an overweight Chinese?”

It turns out that you only need a teaspoon of the dried green tea leaves for a 2 cup pot of tea, so I was making mine rather strong. But effective!

Sunday afternoon, I had a light fruit lunch, with the fridge tea warmed up in the microwave. Then I just folded up in the recliner and had a nice long snooze. When I woke up I had an easy, pain-free time of losing weight in the bathroom. However, when I weight myself I was still the same embarrassing weight I was in the morning after my bath. Hmm? What to make of that.

Ah, but this morning, two days later, when I weight myself, I was 4 lbs lighter than on Sunday morning. So now I’m feeling rather pleased with myself.

I’ve been praying for weeks for a good exercise plan, as there is not snow to shovel every day. especially with the mild temperatures we’ve had the last few days. The Lord may still show me a good exercise plan to strengthen muscles, but I am tickled to have a fairly easy weight-loss plan now.

Yesterday I did some online research and learned that green tea has a number of extra benefits too, such as preventing cancer, relieving fever and infections, fighting off diabetes and heart issues, and so on. A certain sub-type of green tea is called Matcha, and is becoming very popular as a panacea for almost every health problem. I’ve started an article for my monthly ezine, Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions, but I can see it may take quite a bit of research to fully plumb this topic.

Oh last point. Aiesha said that the teabags are just the powdered dregs of last year’s tea leaves, and not nearly as effective as the dried tea leaves that are still dark green.

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