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Lyoness – Gives You Cash Back

Lyoness is popular customer loyalty program in European and Asian countries, and has come to take North America by storm in the last few years. It has many features which may mean that you might carry less of these cards and streamline your shopping life to some degree. All the while, giving you cash back on all your shopping and Shopping Points (discounts), and even Friendship bonuses.

You can get a cashback card, or do your shopping online, or both. When your cashback of up to 5%, in your account reaches $10 it is deposited directly into your bank account. If you have a smart phone, you can download the cashback app and use that instead of a card.

You will also collect Shopping Points on all of your purchases; get your hands on incredible discounts with Shopping Point Deals; and earn even more Cashback and Shopping Points when you redeem Deals!

Then there is the Friendship Bonus. if a friend – like me – gives you a Friendship Flyer with a membership application, you will discover in it a plastic Cashback Card which you can use immediately when shopping. (That’s if we meet and discuss this in person; we don’t need to meet if you respond to the invitation that comes by email). However, since I’m not given a code link to hand out, I have to ask you to contact me and give me the email address at which you would like to receive a Lyoness Invitation. I go to my login site, and request that an invitation be emailed to your address.

Once you are a member, you can invite friends too. AND – If you persuade a business to sign up under you, which has not already done so (80,000 have!) then you will get a steady stream of income from the customers of that business which sign up at that location! If you invite friends to join, you will get .05% of their purchases into your account.

Did you know that we fall into three types of shoppers? Lyoness’ Loyalty program appeals to all three.

One kind of shopper likes things simple and easy. They want just one card that works everywhere, particularly in tangible stores and shops locally that have a unique substance and smell. For them, the Cash Back card is the answer. (You don’t pay with this card; just get your reward points).

Another kind of shopper likes vouchers and coupons to redeem for bargains, or to use gift certificates, which they can give to friends. For them, Lyoness has added Shopping Points to their loyalty program.

The third kind of shopper is savvy and catches on to tech stuff easily. They shop online as nonchalantly as they munch on a snack, or stop to fuel up their car. They are likely to use all the features of the Lyoness Loyalty program, including the online shopping features, like, scan-able graphics and smart phone apps.

This man explains in a calm and simple way how you benefit from Lyoness.

I also found this fellow on Youtube who has figured out how this is one of the BEST features of Lyoness – along with the fact that folks just find it smart to do all their usual shopping with their Lyoness card. You might want to hear this man out. MLMs vs. Lyoness (Especially if you don’t care much for MLMs; he shows that Lyoness is WAY better!)

Note: some of the Youtube videos have old information. It is wise to check the official site to get the latest developments and present features. Use the form on this page to get your invitation through me. Lyoness!

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