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“The RoseBouquet”

Making My Garden

Last Wednesday I had the garden tilled by a very capable teen

I have been making my garden, or seeding it, this past holiday weekend. I got my prayer answered in that a teen came on Wednesday to go through the garden with a rototiller that he borrowed from his grandfather. Colton did a really good job and in record time. I was quite impressed with him.

Over Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, I raked the whole garden to level out the freshly turned soil. Saturday morning, dressed with a big red hat and sunglasses, and a box with sorted and lined up seeds, I went out to start my seeding to “make my garden.”

new layout of alternating triangles of rows

I’d decided to try a new layout plan. it involves alternating triangles with paths going at angles from the cement path to the fence and back. That should save me having to take giant steps over some plants to get to the ones I want to check or harvest. In the point of each triangle I sowed a cluster of seeds to fill it out, but of something I would not need lots of.

It took me 3 hours to finish the east side of the garden. By then I was tired and hungry, and glad to go inside. I thought I might be back out later, but that didn’t happen. (I worked on a computer backup a while, and then caved in for a nap in the recliner).

On Sunday I had my friend, Gaynor, over, and she complained that her north window has nothing to look at but a fence. I decided to change my clothes, pack a spade and some seeds, and a bit of fertilizer, and when I took her home, I also spaded up the clay gumbo at that basement window and sowed some zinnias and marigolds there. Gaynor is too handicapped to water them, so I hope there will be enough rains to give her a cheery crop of flowers right in that wide window!

alternating triangles yesterday from SW corner

Then yesterday, our Victoria Day holiday, I went out right after lunch and in about 2 hours I got most of the west side seeded and put out the 8 tomato plants I had bought. There is just one half triangle to fill in front of the shed.

lilacs in alley when I came home last night

My brother Tom wanted a favour last night, so instead of working on my garden, I went to see him. Coming back, I took time to take photos of the lilacs in the alley right beside my gate.

I hope to fill that half triangle tonight after supper, and then for the next few days I’ll be going around to see where I can sow more flowers, or plant my 8 geraniums that I wintered over and multiplied inside.

hanging basket of pink begonias

Besides that, last week I treated myself to a hanging pot of pink Begonias. I had to buy brackets too, but I don’t seem to have the strength in my hands to get the brackets screwed onto the sides of the house. I may have to wait until help comes for that.

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