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“The RoseBouquet”

Making My Garden

I’m happy to report that when I got home last week Tuesday, I sat down and made a list of all the possible 4-digit pass codes I might have given the installer to set up. Then I tried them one after another. It was the last one.

We still have rather cool nights, but we just had our Victoria Day long weekend, and since that’s when I usually have time to make my garden, I did sow it. There are still a few corners I want to work on, and the flowerbeds in the front yard, but I’ll fit them in as I can, for we still have temperatures dipping below freezing at night, and that can be rather cruel to seedlings and tender flowers.

Friday, after a quick supper I went out and sowed my lettuce circle, trying to use up about 6 varieties of old lettuce seeds. Then a few more rows before I had to go in to do my bookkeeping.

Saturday morning there were forecast hints of rain to come in the afternoon, so I made a point of getting out into my sunny garden shortly after 9 am. The sunshine was warm and comfortable. A great day for drawing ruts in the soft soil, watering them, scattering my seeds in each row, and then closing them and watering again. I got the west side and most of the east side done by going on 2 pm. Then I was hungry and exhausted.

I had a quick sandwich or two, and laid down for a nap. Zonked until after 6 pm, so I stayed in to bake muffins and do my weekly cleaning. Besides, it had got quite windy outside; no rain.

mystery fruit tree blossoms

Sunday I was invited out to lunch after church with a Chinese friend, and enjoyed heaps of dumplings – her speciality! Also, I got to see her fruit trees in full blossom. We have not decided yet what two of the trees are. My guess was chokecherry, but the dried fruits I found hiding under the blossoms were larger – like a mini-crab apple. Her neighbour says the fruit is only for the birds.

Rose has promised to invite me back at the end of summer for another examination of the fruit.

Yesterday, Victoria Day, I did some important Monday morning business online, and then spent the afternoon with more sowing in the garden. The main garden area is sown, and also along the fences on both sides. I started a bunch of containers, but decided to wait until I can get some peat or straw to mix with the soil, and some fertilizer would be nice. I finished off what I had in the rows.

I still hope to spade up some soil behind the shed for the squash and pumpkins, and under the trees for more perennial flowers. Then the flowerbeds in the front. Since the forecast is for warmer temperatures all week, I think it will be safe to proceed – I’ll just have to remember I must also water every day when I get home from the office.

In a couple of weeks there will be little green things all over the garden! In a month more it will be hard to find a spot of dirt for all the greenery and colourful flowers!

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