“The RoseBouquet”

About and FOR friends of Ruthe’s Secret Roses

“The RoseBouquet”

Meet My Heroine, Ruthe

Please come meet my heroine, Ruthe Veer in my novel, Ruthe’s Secret Roses.

The old old hymn, I Come to the Garden Alone, is Ruthe’s favourite and a good analogy for how she walks and talks with her Lord, even when wrestling with her own fears and hang-ups. She has a burning passion to rescue the perishing.

When Ruthe prays, you will learn to pray. You will also learn from her stumbles.

Ruthe has a bleeding, caring heart. Are you from a dysfunctional family? One that is far from ideal? Maybe you are lonely, abused, unloved, or bereaved, and spiritually hungry? Hey, you are going to feel Ruthe’s love oozing all over you! Her heart bleeds for you!

Lisa, a notorious prostitute, thought there was no way she could get out of her lifestyle. Then Ruthe convinced her there was hope, and oh, what a transformation! Same with Emie, and many others. Ruthe shows the way out of that maze.

Ruthe is a caregiving oldest sister. If you are an oldest daughter or sister, and find yourself the key caregiver in your family, you will really identify well with Ruthe and with her friend, June Johnson. Also with young Joy, who escaped from a black market foster home and seeks for her younger siblings. In fact, you probably pick up stray kittens of all kinds too!

No doubt you have a precious little sister or brother that you’d do just about anything for as well. So Ruthe’s little sister Sharri will win you over and make you smile with vicarious pride.

Ruthe loves designing and make-overs. If you are the creative type, and love sewing designer clothes, planning dream homes, or home make-overs, you’ve got treats in store for you in Ruthe’s Secret Roses too. There’s people make-overs, wardrobe transformations, a bad teacher turned into an excellent one, a dream home built. Let’s go further, and make-over some guys and some cars too!

Do you love make-overs? You’re going to wish Darlin’ Bonne’s Shoppe was a real place where you could go to for your make-over.

In this novel transformations are not only allowed, but encouraged and pumped. There are a couple of special places where these become THE business!

Got a heart of gold? Ready to give away the blouse – oops, the jacket off your back? Ruthe loves to give gifts and surprises too! But guess what; it’s the givers who receive generous gifts as well, isn’t it? So you’ll be tickled at the wonderful and very original gifts Ruthe gives, and gets. Think: clothes – wardrobes, mansion, trees, swimming pool…!

How does Ruthe fit all this into one life? The answer is that she is a telephone operator and uses her shift work to confuse people. They can’t keep up with her hours, so she appears to be coming and going all the time. Fortunately she is a very self-disciplined young woman in that Rambler.

Not all teens are like that, but remember her background, and that she’s been an eldest and a caregiver all her life.

Most of all, her spiritual life is strong and upper most. All this contributes to making her a good time juggler and a very unusual role model. (Yes, there are teens today who have this kind of maturity. I don’t doubt it for a minute!)

If you are truly able to understand Ruthe, the main character in this novel, you will have no trouble seeing why she is a natural at mentoring and counselling others. Self-sacrifice is not something she hesitates over. It flows easily because she loves people and respects them as individuals.

A lot of this is possible because of the example her Grosz’mama set for her, and the things she remembers hearing about in church and reading in the Bible. If you are interested in others this way, you may want to take note of this aspect of Ruthe’s multi-faceted life.

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