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Minor Notebook Miracle

I had a minor Notebook miracle on Saturday. You may learn from this little story.

You may recall that on March 28, I reported a minor camera miracle, in that I was able to find, online, a solution to make the camera recognize the camera memory card so that I could take hundreds of photos and, then then transfer them to my computer.

Well, this past while I’ve had a friend’s laptop (Notebook, actually) here and I’ve been trying to get the original Windows operating system on there again.The weekend before I’d wiped the hard drive clean, but it refused to recognize any ISO disk I put in so that I could install a Windows system. I tried three different ones, Vista Business (which is what it had before), Windows 7, and another type of Windows 7.

Each time I got an error message that said: “Non-system disk or disk error, strike any key.” Well, that didn’t do any good.

But if you know me, you know I don’t give up that easily. So I let it cool for a week while I waited for a block of time to dig into the problem.

This last Saturday, while enjoying my bowl of chicken/cabbage borscht for lunch in front of my desktop I decided to see what I would find if I did a Google search. How about… “laptop won’t reinstall a windows system”?

Well! the first site I visited was a forum where someone else complained of this problem. A wise geek replied to ask if they had activated the hard drive after wiping it clean. Then he explained how to do that.

Ah-ha! I quickly popped my G-Parted disk into the Notebook, and voila! it sprang to life. I hunted for the activation step, until I found the pop-up hint to first go to Device (on the menu) and set up a partition table. The only option on Device was to set it up as an MSDOS hard drive. Exactly what I needed for a windows system!

In just moments I had done it, exited out of G-Parted, and popped in the Vista Business installation disk. Ah-ha! Now I was installing!

Of course, once I got to the part where I had to go online to register the Product Key (from the sticker on the bottom of the Notebook), I discovered an announcement that as of April 11 – today – Microsoft will no longer update Vista systems. Fortunately, I was able to download and install all the current updates on Saturday yet. By adding AVG for virus protection, and knowing that my friend will not be using this Notebook nearly as much as I use my desktop all day, she should be fine for a while. If it gets bogged down, we’ll just have to go through these steps again.

Moral of this story: Learn to research your technical problems; many of them can be solved in a couple of simple steps.

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